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CapeRace™ Cultural Adventures is an award-winning boutique travel company specializing in upbeat, self-guided travel experiences at Canada’s most eastern island of Newfoundland.

For the curious, culturally inclined traveller! Immerse yourself in Newfoundland’s culture through a ten-day self-guided tour, providing you with exclusive access to three architecturally unique homes with CapeRace Cultural Adventures. Set your own pace for exploring the beautiful Newfoundland coast, creating spontaneous, authentic experiences with Newfoundland’s people and places. 

Provided with a car, a customized guidebook, and sample itineraries, you explore Newfoundland’s beautiful Avalon and Bonavista Peninsulas. Our personalized journeys are created based on our guest’s traveling preferences. Depending on their passions they can discover coastal hiking and walking trails with views of icebergs and puffins, coastal biking, sea kayaking and where to get the best seafood. Dropping in to a local pub to discover a fiddling jam in the works, or accepting an invitation to a neighbour’s “kitchen party” await our guests.

The journey includes staying at three historic coastal Newfoundland houses, each reflecting Newfoundland history. Our goal is to help travellers make deep connections with local people that will create lasting memories. Self-guided, self-catering tours are available April through October, and come with an unlimited-km full-size vehicle. Trip includes a customized guidebook, written and demand-printed specifically to suit the traveller’s travel interests. St John’s is where the journey begins and they conclude in Bonavista. 

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Ken Sooley, Trip Design

Founder and owner Ken Sooley is a former information technology executive and has held various business development positions with large and small organizations.  In 2004 Ken initiated a career change by creating CapeRace Cultural Adventures. His intent was to test-market a new concept in experiential travel and he continues to manage the company today. 

The Sooley family first settled in Heart’s Delight sometime in the early 19th century. The property that the E. J. Sooley house stands on was originally owned by John Bishop, Ken's great great grandfather. Restoration of these homes and the committed innovation behind the thoughtful travel in Newfoundland stems from the family's deep roots in the land and seascapes.

Sharon Nisbet, Operations

Sharon is the grand daughter Edward John Sooley and spent her earlier years living in the EJ Sooley House in Heart's Delight.  Sharon is the person that keeps CapeRace afloat in the rough seas, managing the logistical aspects of the company. She has always maintained a strong attachment to the island and continues to dive deep into  the history books and Newfoundland literature.   Research and genealogy have always been her specialty having spent hours in the local archives. If you have any roots in Newfoundland, Sharon can likely unravel them.


Jerry Burton, Property Management

Jerry is the miracle worker when it comes to design-build aspects of our historic home restorations.  Jerry's work seen in the many photographs on this site is the result of life-long experience taking buildings apart and putting them back together, better than new.  He is also responsible for keeping them together.  While you will appreciate his work during your stay you'll find his best skills are evident around the beach fires in Heart's Delight.   See Jerry at Work >>


Elizabeth Burton, Guest Relations

Elizabeth is also a grand daughter of Edward John Sooley and grew up in the WB Sooley House in Heart's Delight.  Elizabeth manages Guest Relations, and is largely responsible for the comments you see in the testimonial section on this site. 


Donna Reid, Customer Care, St. John's

Donna is also a grand daughter of Edward John Sooley and is responsible for customer care in St. John's.  Donna also grew up in the WB Sooley House and lives in Heart's Delight today.  She is always up for a good story, a good laugh, and is often the instigator of good times.


Fred Sooley, Manager of Inspiration

Fred is the son of Edward John Sooley and grew up in the EJ Sooley house in Heart's Delight.  Fred often reminisces about his childhood days in the small village and continues to inspire us all.


Hazel Russell, Customer Care, Bonavista

Hazel is a life-long resident of Bonavista and manages the properties in Elliston and Mockbeggar.   She's always up for a good time as is the keeper of many undocumented town stories. 





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