Heart’s Delight at Trinity Bay - E.J. Sooley House

"Inside, the overarching feel of E. J. Sooley House is a warm, cheery port in a storm, a treasure awash in turquoise hues to combat the harsh grey scenery out the windows..." Canadian Home & Country Magazine

  • One hour and fifteen minutes from St. John's
  • Oceanfront location at Heart's Delight on Trinity Bay
  • True outport living in a 1930's fisherman's home
  • Endless coastal exploring
  • Three bedrooms + kitchen daybed
  • BBQ and deck overlooking Trinity Bay
  • On-site laundry facilites
  • Featured in Canadian Home & Country Magazine
  • Featured in Romantic Homes Magazine
  • Featured over five times in HOUZZ, the leading magazine for design enthusiasts and architects
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The E.J. Sooley House is located on the Baccalieu Trail at Heart's Delight, Trinity Bay. This 1930's outport home was originally built on the northeast side of the harbour, but was later dismantled and moved—by CapeRace founder Ken Sooley's grandfather—to its current location. 

In the spirit and decor of a genuine outport home, the E.J. Sooley House is a tribute to times gone by. Iron beds, handmade dressers and washstands, linoleum floor cloths and wooden floors—all original to the house—complement vintage appliances and heritage furnishings. As Canadian Home & Country Magazine so aptly described, "The overarching feel is a warm, cheery port in a storm, a treasure awash in turquoise hues."


"...Hiking trails are recommended. However, with a view from my backyard of the sun setting on Trinity Bay, I opt for relaxing. The quiet can take some getting used to in Heart’s Delight, though the E.J. Sooley House helps with the adjustment. It’s like stepping back to a simpler time. The one-story cottage has been restored so that it looks much like it did when it was built in the 1930s. The outport decor is traditional and functional, complete with a daybed by the oven, handmade dressers and washstands, and dangling light cords..."  Joel Yanofsky writes about his stay at the E.J. Sooley House in Heart's Delight.

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