St. John’s - Hipditch House

"... In a way, my staying here undermines Sooley’s master plan. I’m quite comfortable. The house’s decor is blue, white and nautical, and staying here it’s hard not to feel like a spoiled kid in a sailor suit"... Joel Yanofsky writes about his stay at Hipditch House

  • Beautiful ten minute walk from St. John's city centre
  • Shares property line with Signal Hill National Park
  • Located on Signal Hill trail system
  • Four-Star Canada Select Rating
  • Contemporary decor in a coastal cottage atmosphere
  • Expansive kitchen with bar + deck and barbecue
  • Three bedrooms + kitchen daybed
  • Incredible views of the city and harbour
  • Fully equipped with Internet cable TV and laundry facilities
  • References from the Lonely Planet & National Geographic
  • Featured in Canadian Home & Country Magazine
  • Featured over five times in Houzz, the leading magazine for design enthusiasts and architects
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Just a ten-minute walk from downtown. This culturally rich neighbourhood—which retains the look and character of a 19th century fishing village despite its city location—is the oldest in St. John's, a fitting place for a century-old house like Hipditch.

The house shares the property line with Signal Hill National Park. You'll also notice two fantastic interconnected trails that pass by the house: Signal Hill Trail and an urban trail know as the Grand Concourse that travels through the city. 

"...The Best Seat In The Harbour.  The jaw dropping view, the quiet serenity, the glorious deck, and the beautiful winding paths all add up to a stay that has to be experienced to believe.  Here is the resting place for the weary jet lagged modern soul. A trip that feeds head and heart..."  Al Rae, Artistic Director, Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Winnipeg Comedy Festival

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