Eco-Culture Experience™- 7 Days

From Ancient City to Outport. A 7 Day Self-Drive Trip from St. John's to Bonavista.


  • 7 Days from St. John's to Bonavista
  • 3 nights stay at St. John's, and 3 nights stay at Bonavista/Elliston on the Bonavista Peninsula
  • Pricing based on "exclusive use" of two private CapeRace coastal homes
  • Full-size rental vehicle included
  • One copy of the "Traveller's Diary" Custom Guidebook
  • Trips initiated at St John's, concluded at Bonavista
  • PRICING: Single-Family $2490 CDN per adult. Kids under 21 travel free.
  • Multi-Family flat-rate pricing available
  • Payments accepted by VISA, Mastercard or certified cheque; taxes extra
  • Departures every three days 
  • Flights not included

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Jonathan Tourtellot,  Fellow, National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations, Geotourism: "...Things you (CapeRace) have done involving people are truly trailblazing. I don't know of anyone, anywhere that has figured out such a great way to get tourists in contact with local people..."  


Robert Reid, US Travel Editor, Lonely Planet, after a stay with CapeRace:  "...Newfoundland, there is no other. It's a gift to travelers, willing to look. In St John's, you experience Newfoundland first, city second -- the culture and kindness is found everywhere. Catching a real-live kitchen party in Heart's Delight was the definitive experience..."   

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It's about Exploration--7 Days of Spontaneous Events & Unique Discoveries

You determine your own pace for exploring Newfoundland's Avalon and Bonavista Peninuslas. We set you up with the keys to your own vehicle and exclusive access to incredible coastal homes located in St. John's and Elliston/Bonavista.

Unscripted Experiences--Adventure through People 

We'll also give you a customized bookstore-quality guidebook written and demand-printed specifically for your trip—the self-directing Traveller's Diary.  This book is your key to connecting with the people and adventures that make Newfoundland’s coast unique.  We are the only travel company that transparently initiates real connections with the local community in a self-guided travel format. The Traveller's Diary sends you to the places and people that we know are the heart of Newfoundland.  

The flexible self-driving, self-guiding, self-catering circuit-tour gives you the opportunity to experience cultural and ecological discovery at your own pace, on your own terms and on your own time. The award-winning Eco-Culture Experience™ is a great match for adventurous spirits and is the perfect way to a TRUE Newfoundland visit.  It's a real distinctive travel experience--a way to satisfy curiosity and spontaneity through nature, culture and chance.

Trip Highlights

Where to start? With a self-guided package you determine your specific day to day itinerary so it's hard to predict what will be a highlight for you--however-- provincial entry surveys indicate most people come to Newfoundland for the wildlife and seascapes, and the exit surveys indicate their highlight was interaction with local people. 

Trip Itinerary

Day 1-St. John's: Arrive in St. John's, sometimes described as where "San Franciso meets Dublin". Spend three nights at Hare's Ears Cottage, a newly-restored coastal home located in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in St. John's-- The Battery. Hare's Ears shares the property line with Signal Hill National Historic Park.Take a daily hike to Signal Hill via the North Head Trail, located literally on your doorstep. For 3 days explore North America's oldest city, England's first colony. Sample the rich Celtic music scene, dine on local cuisine, and hike/walk the extensive coastal trail system located within city limits.

Day 4-Elliston, Bonavista Peninsula: Arrive at Elliston, a quiet outport located on the Discovery Trail, 4km from Bonavista. Spend three nights at the historic Anchor House, a newly restored oceanfront home that shares 600 ft of CapeRace coastal waterfront property. For 3 days explore the Discovery Trail visiting outport communities of Trinity, Kings Cove and Maberly. Take in local theatre, walk and hike coastal trails, visit abandoned communites by boat.

Day 7: Depart Elliston for St. John's Airport.

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"... thoughtfully crafted experiences that are eco- and culturally sensitive, provide uncommon access, and foster interaction with locals. It's the perfect antidote for these tumultuous times, as we reexamine what is important and look for trips that are meaningful and restorative"... The Editors of National Geographic Traveler after receiving "Top 50 Tours of a Lifetime" award.










All tours and activities taken outside of the CapeRace Cultural Adventures Inc. tour are undertaken at the risk and expense of the traveller. The tour is a cultural adventure that will take you to remote areas which may not offer all of the conveniences/services found at home. Personal insurance is mandatory—and not included.  Be sure to ask lots of questions if you have critical needs or certain services that are generally available in urban centers.  Not suitable for any type of Recreational Vehicle (RV) travel.  See our 2012 Terms & Conditions & Cancellation Policy

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