The Cape Shore

The Cape Shore coast was first settled by Irishmen with names like Nash, McGrath, Careen, Coffey, Doyle and Power who came to escape the famine and oppression in their homeland.

Those surnames are familiar here today among the descendants of the original settlers, and, even geographically, not much has changed. The Cape Shore Trail is a driving route that we suggest you take on as a day trip from Heart's Delight.The area remains a wonderland of rivers, lakes and silent hills and, of course, the barrens.  Along the Cape Shore you'll find grazing sheep, brightly coloured houses, old churches and winding lanes, and an Irish air.  The "Traveller's Diary" will connect you here with some very interesting people and places.  This year, National Geographic named the Avalon Peninsula as the very top of 99 coastal tourism destinations in the world, beating out popular seaside travel spots in Wales, New Zealand, Hawaii, Italy, Australia and other provinces within Canada.

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Here you'll find the Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve seabird sanctuary, one of the most incredible wildlife spectacles in the world. A bit further and you're in Placentia, Newfoundland's old French Capital harking back to the days when English and French soldiers battled for control of the continent.

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