St. John’s

Where San Francisco meets Dublin

On the Eco-Culture Experience trip you will spend three nights in St. John's, three nights in Heart's Delight on the Baccalieu Trail, and three nights in Bonavista, on the Discovery Trail.  You trip starts here-- St. John's, the oldest city in North America. It is a city that, despite hosting the province's largest population at 150,000, still manages to feel like a town. Indeed, it is a place like no other—geographically, historically and culturally. First discovered in 1497 by John Cabot, the area soon became a melting pot of European influence, including Dutch, Scottish, French, English and, most notably, Irish roots. Thousands of Irish came here to work the summer fishery, beginning in the mid-seventeenth century, and their heritage is evident throughout. Main streets are intersected by steep crossroads and lined by painted wood-frame buildings, serving to create a patchwork of colours rising up from the sea.  This year, National Geographic named the Avalon Peninsula as the very top of 99 coastal tourism destinations in the world, beating out popular seaside travel spots in Wales, New Zealand, Hawaii, Italy, Australia and other provinces within Canada.

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Use the "Traveller's Diary" to connect with the local community here. Take a hike up Signal Hill to Cabot Tower, where Marconi sent the first transatlantic wireless telegraph message in 1901, then take the Ladies Lookout walking trail to an obscure pub. Discover the literally hundreds of shops, cafés, boutiques and restaurants along the streets. And once the sun goes down, try wandering to famous George Street, the Temple Bar of Newfoundland, and its endless, timeless, and ageless pubs where you will discover what music and fun is really all about--and should be about.  

"... Newfoundland, there is no other. It's a gift to travelers, willing to look. In St John's, you experience Newfoundland first, city second -- the culture and kindness is found everywhere.  Newfoundland is a special place..."  Robert Reid, US Travel Editor, Lonely Planet, after a stay with CapeRace." 

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