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While we don't expect you'll read them all, we sometimes have a hard time communicating the magic that can be created on a self-driven, self-guided vacation. We figured one of the best ways is to hear it from someone that has taken the trip.  Note that the following customers cut across a wide and deep demographic.  All of these folks would be happy to chat to ensure a CapeRace trip is for you.  Ken



... "Well Ken I don't know that there's much I can say to let you know what a fantastic and special time I had with CapeRace. Everything that was promised was delivered and I had the BEST time in all three beautiful homes and meeting some amazing people. Thank you and Sharon for the awesome work you have done to make CapeRace a truly memorable experience. I had a blast!..." 

Ann Veyvera 



"... We have traveled to China, Italy, Japan, Hawaii, etc, etc. This was the best trip we have ever had! Our group ranged from 7 years old to 68 years old. Everyone loved it. The kids never complained of boredom.  We loved all the houses (everything was in perfect shape) and all the people we met. The scenery was amazing and your recommendations for things to see and do were great.  Thanks so much..."

Pam Nowina, Co-Chair, Ontario Hydro Board , Ontario, Canada


Hi Ken and Sharon,

Back home in Montreal but thought I would just thank you both for a great vacation and a fantastic place to visit with your assistance. The kitchen party was a blast and Gerry and Elizabeth are great people. The musicians were real in formative as well as very talented and Capt. John Sooley what can I say that was the icing on the cake.  All the properties were amazing, it was like taking a step back in time, we loved it and will always remember this trip with fond memories.I can only wait for our next trip which we will have to make earlier in the year to see the whales and the icebergs and the other part of the island. Just wanted to take the time to thank you before I am off again, this time work to UK for 3 weeks.

Brian & Lorrie March  



Had an absolutely wonderful time on our adventure in Newfoundland with our good friends, David and Suzanne Andrews.  Your accommodations were so very well appointed and well equipped and the locations were superb!  With your expert advice and information,  we saw and experienced so much, and yet, as you suggest, couldn't do it all, even though we sure tried!  In Heart's Delight we were very impressed with Elizabeth, who couldn't have been more hospitable. I fell in love with St.John's and want to go back some day!  Of course, the charm of Hares Ears might have had something to do with that!!

How you try to tailor a trip to the tourist is very unique and special! Thanks to both you and Sharon for helping  make our  Excellent Adventure #11 such a success!

Sincerely, Judy and David Moore 


Hi Ken,

I can't say enough great things about CapeRace Tours and the adventures we just experienced!  You have created a wonderful idea and it was the best way to explore and learn about each community we stayed in. Your Traveler's Diary felt like you were there leading us the way with your tips and advice of places to visit and people to meet. 

We had the pleasure of meeting so many nice people- Jean next door at Hipditch, Fred at the Music store (we brought tunes home with us) Jerry and Isobel and the guys in the band who played at the kitchen party, Donna, Eric, Harv, Robyn and even the Mayor of Bonavista- Betty.  She gave us a tour in her car of the homes for sale after I made an enquiry at the Town Office about the possibility of purchasing one of the abandoned homes there.  I fell in love with the house on the ditch near the pond.  We invited her back to the Thomas Mouland House to meet our boys. She stayed for awhile and talked about how hard it was to survive on fishing and sealing in the days she and her husband were first married.  It was fascinating to listen to her and was an eye opener for Drew and Alex.

The scenery was amazing and hiking along the cliffs took our breaths away.  We visited many pretty little harbors- even found Daniels Cove with a population of 5!  We turned around because the gravel road to Grates Cover looked precarious!  We managed to find the puffins and saw your other houses- Hare's Ear and the one in Elliston and would love to stay there someday when I can return for another visit.  We didn't keep track of our mileage but I'm sure we added at least another 1,000 km. to the gauge!  There were only a couple of days of down time where we stayed put to rest and explore leisurely.  At Heart's Delight the boys were grateful to find the vintage bikes and fishing rods.  They were out often and came home with a Flounder- what an interesting fish!

We were amazed to see mountains, the barrens and bogs with countless lakes and streams and ecstatic to see a herd of caribou herd Chance Cove on our trip on the Irish Loop.

I am so glad I met you a few years ago when you were looking at waterfront property on Bruce Lake.  I never did sell that piece of land but meeting you and learning about CapeRace Cultural Adventures made it more worthwhile by a long shot!  I will be telling everyone about what a great time we had and sharing the beauty of Newfoundland through the hundreds of photos we took while we were there.Now I need to think about getting back to work and into daily routines around home but with a lighter heart and many pleasant memories of Newfoundland.

Debbie Vernon 


Ken, just to add my 2 bits, John and I had a truly fabulous time with no complaints. Your guide book was amazing, so helpful in fact that John is thinking about producing one for our  beach visitors. (We have a rental here on Anna Maria Island.) Connecting with the locals was a big added bonus. What a different trip it would have been otherwise. It was really fun to see all the relatives and neighbors pouring in for the scoff at Heart's Desire or Delight, now I forget which it was. The Newfoundlanders are an interesting lot and we feel honored to be honoraries. I suppose Becky was our Lavinia, feeling like the responsible one having planned the trip, perhaps, unbeknownst to us, worrying about the accommodations at each stop. We, however, found each place delightful. We think you have a great thing going with the cultural adventure approach and we're so happy we were able to experience it. We brought  a lot of great memories home with us and we're already beginning to miss our new found land. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl M 


Hi Ken,

We are settled in now after our wonderful experience with Cape Race and we would be pleased to be a reference.

Our travels have taken us to many countries and each has been very interesting and has had it's own unique beauty.  However, as Canadians, nothing can compare to our visit to eastern Newfoundland--you certainly planned a cultural experience that made us feel immersed in Canadian culture.  You asked what makes your trip plans different from other companies:

The location of each of the houses is so unique--each place offers a very different experience in its scenery, activities, and people and each place was so homey and decorated so that we felt we were part of that era.

Your suggestions as to itinerary are just that; great suggestions.  We chose freely from your travel planner and not once did we feel that we should have done more as we were thoroughly satisfied with the activity or activities we had chosen.  We felt that each day was a day well spent and enjoyed. 

Each neighbourhood had so much to offer and all the neighbours are so welcoming that we felt we belonged.  They answered questions, told directions, told us about the history of the areas, about the fishing history and seemed genuinely interested in us. We know the BBQ was just good timing but we will never forget it--to be invited to be part of something that is for the people who live there was one of the things that sets you apart. You must know that you have a treasure in Elizabeth--her welcome to the Sooley house in Heart's Delight was memorable--just like a good friend and neighbour arriving at the door with fresh muffins!  And then, the lobster dinner (fantastic surprise), the kitchen party with Jordan's musical talent and meeting Elizabeth's mother, Mary and her sister Donna (another fantastic surprise--we love them all) 

Finally, it is your attention to detail that made everything fall into place--you and your sister Sharon provided us with all the help we needed to make such a trip and we thank you.  Your willingness to communicate through e-mail and telephone gave us a clear picture of everything.  Your patience and willingness to write back and forth until we knew the answers we needed certainly sets you apart from the others.  We are looking forward to hearing about the loyalty program and who knows, maybe one day we'll meet you on the Segwuin and we'll come back to your Muskoka dock for another Canadian experience:)

Thanks again for everything, Ken.  We wish you continued success in your very creative venture.

John and Nancy 


Hi Ken

I wanted to thank you so much for all your planning and dedication. Staying in such homes with attention to authentic detail was a highlight of the trip. I particularly enjoyed being in your grandparent’s/dad’s home in Heart’s Delight. It was wonderful to be able to connect with those from another time. I was close with my grandparents and regret that we lost the  home where they retired: a bucolic part of Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. It is about as rural as you can get around here.

I will remember every detail of that home from the mounted bottle opener in the pantry to the former clothesline in the kitchen-still working! Loved the fact that you kept her framed artwork-so revealing about the life of old. You did an awesome job decorating each home with the appropriate feel and character. I read all the accompanying booklets about each home, down to the paper Sharon wrote about the Newfoundland dialect. I am a foreign language teacher so that was right up my alley. Jerry and Elizabeth were so sweet-loved meeting them and having a musical evening with them and their son and his friend. Jerry has a great, booming voice-he is a great host. Please tell them we stopped over on our way out  to thank them again but the place looked dark in the AM so we didn’t knock too loudly.

That is all for now. Hey, can you do a Cape Race for Central NL, the only part we haven’t been to?? 

Suzanne and Michio Ishi 


Hi Ken & Sharon

I wanted you to know what a great trip  we had.  If someone  wants to see Newfoundland, experience the culture and does not have any friends and family there this is the perfect way to do it.  My husband and I had a great trip!    Elizabeth, Jerry and Donna are the best ambassadors that you could every hope to have for your company.  I can't wait to share with my family and friends what a great trip and experience this was.  We hope that we will be able to make it back to Newfoundland again.  Thanks for a great trip and wonderful memories we will cherish forever.

Donna & Billy House


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