A Scoff

scoff n OED ~ sb2 'food; a meal' (l879-); cp EDD scaff sb1 1 Sc. A cooked meal at sea or ashore, esp at night and often part of an impromptu party; such a repast prepared with 'bucked' or stolen ingredients (1966 FARIS 207). 

You can have an Eco-Culture Experience while you dine.  Complete a morning of whale watching with a gourmet lunch outside on the rocks at a stunning historic lighthouse keepers home.  Or, experience real Japanese fusion-- order a sushi starter and add a caribou steak.  Pull up a chair at a place that's frozen in time-- have a large scoop of baked beans on your eggs, fishcakes, and maybe return the same evening for liver.  Or-- head down to the local fish plant and order up 10 lbs of crab and return home to your Thomas Mouland House deck for beers and whale watching.  In St. John's, you can order up fresh cod from a guy that drives around St. John's with a refrigerator and have it delivered right to Hipditch House--then straight to the bbq. Lots of great options.  You decide.

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The CapeRace  "Traveler's Diary" makes dining recommendations-- not based on the quality of food-- but how interesting and fun the dining experience is.  Of course there are minimum standards, but we think having a meaningful, memorable dining experience trumps all else.

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