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Nowhere in the world is coastal hiking and walking so close to home...

The coastal hiking and walking opportunities here in Newfoundland are endless.  Many trails used by fisherman one hundred years ago are still traversable, and others are still undiscovered.  Last year a CapeRace traveller picked up a rare early Victorian coin on a path at Grates Cove, and three years ago a button from an 18th-century British soldier was found right behind Hipditch House.  Perhaps the most interesting aspect of hiking here in Newfoundland is the range of hikers and walkers the trails appeal to. Trails to Signal Hill National Park literally start at the Hipditch House and Hare's Ears Cottage doorsteps. You can choose coastal hikes and walks that range from 1-3 hours, 3-5 hours, or for the more serious hikers, 5-8 hours.  The East Coast Trail passes through St. John's and continues for 540 km's. What we like to recommend are brief hikes and walks that are found within the short daily drives you will be taking every day. Nothing better than a few 45 minute hikes embedded in a day's road trip. 

For those that would like to make coastal hiking and walking their trip's focus we can design a separate hiking & walking package to cater to your capb ilities.

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While all of Newfoundland boasts great hiking, St. John’s has few comparable cities anywhere in the world.  There is an urban trail system called The Grand Concourse that is integrated into St. John's scenic trail system.  Walking and hiking can easily be integrated depending on how busy you would like to make your day.  A great way to start --every day-- is to hike the 45 minute North Head Trail that takes you to the top of Signal Hill and back.  Your Eco-Culture Experience hike or walk could start when you depart from Hipditch or Hare's Ears on the North Head Trail at 2pm and could finish with a pint of Blackhorse beer with Linda at the Inn of Olde two hours later. Dramatic coastal scenery with both your accommodations and the pub right on the trail.   And then there is the East Coast Trail, a 540 km coastal hiking experience that takes you to the outermost reaches of North America that passes right through St. John's.  

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