Party Newfoundland Style

A Scuff      

scuff n    A dance held at someone's house. M 68-11 [They all] went around together and gathered at one house or another every night for a scoff, scuff, time, or breaker-down. C 71-106 ~ a dance, usually held in somebody's house, barn or stage.

St. John's has some of the best nightlife anywhere. There's music for every taste, from a harpist in a hotel restaurant, to jazz, rock and traditional, toe-tapping jigs and reels in the local pubs. It's like a permanent Mardi Gras without the excesses.  Well, maybe with the excesses.  But it's not just in the streets of St. John's.  It's in the outport kitchens where you'll likely to find the best fun.  Everyone plays something, whether it's a bouzouki, spoons, ugly stick, mandolin or an Irish drum.  It's your challenge to snag an invite.  How?  

Easy.  Keep smiling.

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