On the Water

Newfoundland was shaped by the Sea

Fishing, boating, whale watching, sea kayaking--not to mention iceberg hunting. So many things to do for those waterborne types. Limited cod fishing is now open during the summer months, and many rivers offer fly-fishing.  Or maybe a local will take you into the gullies with the traditional bamboo pole.  Iceberg treks in a tin motorboat are exhilarating.  You can even try SCUBA diving around an iceberg. Or maybe just watching and taking pictures out at sea is your ideal way to spend time on the water.  Coastal hiking cannot go unmentioned here.  Regardless, we will talk with you beforehand and ensure that your Traveller’s Diary includes all the best local outfitters for any water adventure, and we can steer you towards the locals with an extra bamboo pole.  In some cases we do it real different. Whale watching. Newfoundland has 22 species of whales, including the minke, sperm, pothead, blue, orca, and the world's largest population of humpbacks. How about being a spectator aboard a diving boat and watch divers swim amongst the whales?  You can be part of an expedition and participate to any degree you desire.  FlightSee over whales and icebergs.

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The province is a paddling paradise offering sea kayaking among towering cliffs, icebergs and whales as close as a fifteen minute drive of downtown St. John's at Cape Broyle or further along our 28,956 kilometres of coastline, sheltered bays and islands.    If your interests run to white water kayaking, there is an abundance of rivers offering moving water venues from Class 2 teaching to Class 5 rapids that will challenge the most experienced paddlers.  

Tour boats launch out of many ports that will take you up close to ecological reserves and known whale-watching areas.  Choose between a large tour boat, an inflatable Zodiak, or maybe a newfound friend will take you for a spin in his vintage dory.  Some will take you to abandoned communities.

And yes-- you can even swim.  

These water-based activities are located in all of the areas around our coastal homes.

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