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CapeRace is launching an exciting new product called "CapeRace Maps for the Newfoundland Traveler". Based on our award-wining Eco-Culture Experience concept we're creating a series of maps that will not only chart interesting places but also interesting and colourful people. Our first map, "Three Days in St. John's", will be a three day walking tour of St. Johns with elements that will entice curious travelers into the local community. 

People on maps, or "People POI" is a fresh new approach to experiential travel and will enhance any curious travelers' trip to St. John's. Our second map currently in production is "CapeRace Driving Tracks" a map that draws out driving routes that we believe will maximize your explore time while on a 10-14 day trip to eastern Newfoundland. 

The "CapeRace Maps for the Newfoundland Traveler" will be a subset of POI's found in the "Traveller's Diary" now offered exclusively to CapeRace Eco-Culture Experience travelers and will not contain personal addresses as the Traveller's Diary does.

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Available Now: FREE National Geographic Map of Newfoundland    ORDER MAP>>

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