A Custom Travel Guide

The Traveller's Diary: A bookstore quality guidebook written specifically for YOU!

This is what makes us different from an ordinary trip to Newfoundland.

It is our strong belief that connecting with the local community produces the best travel experience--that memorable heart-felt and life-changing travel experiences occur off the standard touyrist beat and with a sense of the unknown and discovery.

We wrote our guidebook in a way that changes the odds and nature of chance meetings of colourful characters, all set in a spectaular scenic backdrop unmatched anywhere in the world.

Our guidebook leads you to a situation, but it is up to you to make the exchange happen through the development of your own relationship with the local communities. It's all by chance--which creates the true, meaningful and most important--fun experience.

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First we ask you 30 questions, then we edit the guidebook to match your personal travel style

Using new information technology we professionally demand-print single copies of the travel guide. Shortly before your trip we present you with a thirty-question survey. With our knowledge of your destination and a good understanding of your travel style, we demand-print one unique copy of the book, specifically for you. The guidebook creates that sense of adventure sometimes lost in large-scale tourism, that opportunity to truly connect and invest in a place on a micro and meaningful scale.

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