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Eco-Culture Experience St.John's & Mistaken Pt - 10 Days

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  • NEW! St. John's to Bonavista via the new UNESCO World Heritage Site on the South-eastern shore.


      CAD USD
    SINGLE PERSON $3,588.00 CAD $2,762.76 USD
    KIDS UNDER 21 $220.00 CAD $169.40 USD
    Price Per Person$3,588.00 CAD$3,181.00 CAD$2,774.00 CAD$2,506.00 CAD$1,899.00 CAD$2,278.00 CAD
    $2,762.76 USD$2,449.37 USD$2,135.98 USD$1,929.62 USD$1,462.23 USD$1,754.06 USD
    Price Per Person3,588.00 CAD3,181.00 CAD2,774.00 CAD2,506.00 CAD1,899.00 CAD


    Eco-Culture Experience St.John's & Mistaken Pt


    Launching this summer, the new CapeRace trip from St. John's to Mistaken Point is based on our Eco-Culture Experience 10 Day platform with the highlight being the newly designated United Nations UNESCO World Heritage Site at Trepassey. You will travel from St. John's to Trepassey located on the south-east "Irish Loop" driving route, then on to Bonavista/Elliston via the Discovery Driving Trail. We provide you with a rental vehicle, exclusive-use of two beautiful coastal homes in St. John's and Bonavista, as well as unique accommodation in the outport village of Trepassey. You'll receive a copy of the CapeRace "Traveller's Diary", a guidebook written by us specifically for your CapeRace trip. We will cover and manage your access to the UNESCO site at Mistaken Point and will direct you to the Marconi Wireless station that handled the first distress signal from the Titanic. Get the real story from locals that largely disagree with the official Titanic reports on what happened on the fateful night. You'll dine at the infamous Lighthouse Picnic and will take a coastal boat tour to the abandoned communities, created form the disastrous resettlement policy of the 1960's on the Bonavista Peninsula. Avoid time-consuming trip planning by taking advantage of both spontaneity and time management elements designed into this self-drive, self-managed trip.

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Step back in time half a billion years to a world of mysterious sea creatures that would have thrilled Darwin...

You determine the pace for exploring the Avalon and Bonavista Peninsulas.  We set you up with the keys to your own vehicle along with exclusive access to two beautiful CapeRace-owned coastal homes and accommodations in a unique repurposed Nun's Convent. You'll spend three nights in the capital city St. John's, then head onward to Trepassey, a small town on the Southern-shore of the Irish Loop driving trail. After three nights in Trepassey, you'll move on up the Bonavista Peninsula to Bonavista/Elliston. 

Satisfy curiosity and spontaneity through nature, culture and chance...

We'll also give you a bookstore-quality, personalized travel guide written by us to suit your personal travel style. The "Traveller's Diary" was key to our success with National Geographic's "50 Tours of a Lifetime" recognition. (see press) It's your key to connecting with the people and nature experiences that make Newfoundland’s coast unique. The guidebook creates a sense of adventure often lost in large-scale tourism, that opportunity to truly connect with a person or place in a meaningful way. The book with self-direct you to a number of unique unmarketed sites.  

While in St. John's, we'll arrange dining with "Lighthouse Picnic", an award-wining culinary experience located at the base of a remote lighthouse. Set up with a thick hand-made quilt, you'll find your way to a secret secluded spot where you will enjoy a gourmet lunch in the imposing rugged cliffs.  On National Geographic's recommendation we'll send you on an heart wrenching and heartwarming ocean tour of an abandoned community by boat. The highlight of the tour is the guide, who as a young man experienced the upsetting controversial resettlement of his family in the failed government efforts to consolidate small land-locked and isolated island communities.  

In 2016, the Mistaken Point Reserve, located near Trespassey, received the United Nations World Heritage (UNESCO) designation for its reserve that contains the oldest and largest known fossils from 579-560 million years ago. We will cover and manage your access to the UNESCO site. In addition to the the world's oldest and rarest marine fossils, this area has the world's largest puffin colony, the world's southern most caribou herd, the oldest continuous permanent settlement in Canada, and a unique culture that strongly reflects the settlement of Irish immigrants over the past 400 years. See the great Smithsonian story>>

You'll also find an impressive 5 kilometer stretch of cobblestone beach with deep water. This allows for unparalleled whale watching opportunities as the magnificent creatures cruise up and down the beach just meters from the shore. The history of the area dates back to the early 16th century when French and Portuguese fishermen visited in pursuit of the abundant cod stocks located just offshore. In addition to the impressive beach, a peaceful winding river connects to Holyrood Pond, a land locked 21 km lake that offers a unique ecosystem of salt and fresh water with 33 species of fish. 

Located nearby is Cape Race. (the place we named our company after) Cape Race has been a little-known landmark for five centuries, appearing on maps made by European explorers as early as 1502. It was the site that took the first distress signal from the Titanic, which now lies 300 miles offshore from the Cape Race lighthouse. We'll direct you to the Marconi Wireless Station that called in the signal. Get the real story from locals that largely disagree with the official Titanic reports on what happened on that fateful night. 

Within a few hours drive you can visit an ecological reserve that has over 60,000 nesting gannets on a 350 ft sea stack.

The entire area is undiscovered, offering opportunities to hike, walk and view nature. Every experience will have an intriguing cultural element that will at times trump the dramatic scenic backdrop.

Explore & Engage

The flexible self-driving, self-guiding, self-catering trip gives you the opportunity to experience cultural and ecological discovery at your own pace, on your own terms and on your own time. The award-winning Eco-Culture Experience™ is a great match for adventurous spirits and curious travellers.  It's a distinctive travel experience; a way to satisfy curiosity and spontaneity through nature, culture and chance.


What's Included:


Exclusive-use of two CapeRace-owned coastal homes in located in St. John's and Bonavista/Elliston, and accommodation at The Convent in Trepassey.

Unlimited km/mi full-size standard rental vehicle from National Car Rental. Second vehicle included (priced in) for groups larger than four adults. Upgrades for larger vehicles available at traveller expense. 

Trip to Lighthouse Picnic restaurant 

Admission to the Mistaken Point Reserve

Ocean Tour of Abandoned Communities

A copy of the  "Traveller's Diary", written by CapeRace with fresh contributions from previous CapeRace travellers

What's not Included:


Rental vehicle fuel, GPS, insurance. (Insurance coverage provided by most credit cards) Air transportation. We can provide you with important advice on how to secure the best air fares. Great direct flights from New York (3 hours, from $250)  Toronto (3 hours from $250) and most Canadian cities.

Travel insurance. Travel insurance can be purchased at your local bank.

Most of our recommendations are for activities that carry no charge. Outdoor activity opportunities  change with the seasons. It does not snow in the pubs.




Day 1-4   St. John's

St. John's is Newfoundland’s capital city—a place with a "San Francisco meets Dublin" vibe. You’ll spend three nights there, based at Hipditch House, our heritage cottage overlooking the sea, in the Battery, one of the oldest—and most colourful—neighbourhoods in St. John's.  Hipditch House is a short hike from Signal Hill National Historic Park, via the North Head Trail, which starts quite literally at your doorstep. For the three to four days you spend here in North America’s oldest city, you can listen to live Celtic music, dine on fresh seafood, and hike the extensive coastal trail system—or simply head to the independent boutiques and crafters’ studios.


Day 4-7  Trepassey, The Irish Loop

En route to Trepassey, on the Irish Loop driving route, you’ll be treated to breathtaking ocean views, rugged scenery, lighthouses and with any luck, icebergs and whales. The Loop, as it is more commonly called, is the heart of Irish culture and heritage in Newfoundland and Labrador. The drive between St. John's and Trepassey is choc-a-block full of interesting things to see and do. Trepassey is a small coastal town on what is known as Newfoundland's "Southern Shore". You’ll sleep at a newly restored Nun's Irish Convent. In 1904, the first wireless station in Newfoundland was built at Cape Race. You'll spend half a day self-exploring the Cape Race lighthouse and investigsting the true story behind the Myrick Marconi Wireless Station and the sinking of the Titanic. From 1859 to 1866, the New York City Associated Press kept a newsboat at Cape Race to meet ocean liners passing by on their way from Europe so that news could be telegraphed to New York.  The news made it's way to the west coast by Pony Express.  

Take extra time to drive/hike the rugged shores of Cape Race, Cape Pine and St. Shotts. Return through the west side and check out Salmonier Nature Park and Wildlife Rehabilitation and Research Center, Father Duffy's Well, and the Mini Harbour.,

You'll need a half-day to experience Mistaken Point, the World UNESCO ecological site that contains the world's oldest fossils. The following day you'll guide yourself to the Cape St. Mary's bird sanctuary and breeding site, arguably the most impressive nature site on the island.


Day 7-10  Bonavista/Elliston, The Discovery Trail

En route for Elliston on the Discovery Trail, you’ll be treated to breathtaking ocean views, rugged scenery, lighthouses and with any luck, icebergs and whales. Elliston is a quaint fishing village located located in what is known as the Root Cellar capital of the world, just four miles form Bonavista, and five minutes from one of the best Puffin viewing sites on the peninsula. It will be your home base for three nights. You'll sleep at our historic Anchor House, right on the ocean-it’s a charming restored 19th-century fisherman's house.  For three to four days, you can explore nearby outport communities, such as Trinity, Kings Cove and Maberly. There’s a vibrant local theatre scene in near-by Bonavista—with outdoor productions in the warmer months. Spectacular coastal trails to hike, as well as abandoned communities to discover by boat are all nearby.


Day 7  Depart Trepassy

Depart Trepassy for St. John's International Airport. Spend your remaining time exploring the Irish Loop sites you missed near in St. John's.




All tours and activities taken outside of the CapeRace Cultural Adventures Inc. tour are undertaken at the risk and expense of the traveller. The tour is a cultural adventure that will take you to remote areas which may not offer all of the conveniences/services found at home. Personal insurance is mandatory—and not included. Be sure to ask lots of questions if you have critical needs or certain services that are generally available in urban centers. Not suitable for any type of Recreational Vehicle (RV) travel. See our Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy

Hipditch House, Battery Village, St. John’s

"... the house’s decor is blue, white and nautical, and staying here it’s hard not to feel like a spoiled kid in a sailor suit"... renowned author Joel Yanofsky writes about his stay at Hipditch House

  • Beautiful ten minute walk from St. John's city centre
  • Shares property line with Signal Hill National Park
  • Located on the Signal Hill trail system
  • Contemporary decor in a coastal cottage atmosphere
  • Expansive kitchen with bar + deck and barbecue
  • Three bedrooms + kitchen daybed
  • Sweeping views of the city and harbour
  • Fully equipped with Internet, cable TV and laundry facilities
  • References from the Lonely Planet & National Geographic
  • Featured in Canadian Home & Country Magazine
  • Featured over five times in Houzz, the leading magazine for design enthusiasts and architects

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"Sunny yellow, cherry red, turquoise blue—St. Johns’ pop-art-colored houses, collectively known as Jellybean Row, look especially awe-inspiring clustered in the cliffs of this atmosphere-drenched coastal neighborhood just outside downtown..."  Condé Nast Traveler, February 2016, and calls the Battery the most "Beautiuful Place in Canada..."

The Battery is a culturally rich neighbourhood in St. John's and retains the look and character of a 19th century fishing village despite its city location. Hipditch House is a coastal home on St. John's harbour and shares the property line with Signal Hill national park. You will be staying in the best location in the City. It has door-step access to the Signal Hill hiking and walking trails. Nestled in the cliffs of the Battery Village, Hipditch House is just three minutes from downtown by car and ten minutes by foot. It has a deck with panoramic views of the harbour and city skyline along with a southern exposure that provides sunshine all day long with fantastic sunsets in the evening. The house is over 100 years old and has been restored to a quirky coastal theme. It has been featured in numerous design and lifestyle magazines which can be seen in the NEWS section of our website.

  • 2 minute walk to Fort Waldegrave Lookout
  • 7 minute walk to downtown Sheraton Hotel
  • 7 minute walk to Duckworth St. Restaurants
  • 10 minute walk to Water St Shopping
  • 15 minute walk to Duke of Duckworth Pub
  • Ultra-comfortable beds, premium pillow top mattress
  • 400+ thread-count Egyptian cotton bed linens
  • Premium brand small kitchen appliances
  • Fully-equiped laundry
  • Professional pre-arrival cleaning

 See the Fun Restoration Video>>

"...The Best Seat In The Harbour.  The jaw dropping view, the quiet serenity, the glorious deck, and the beautiful winding paths all add up to a stay that has to be experienced to believe.  Here is the resting place for the weary jet lagged modern soul. A trip that feeds head and heart..."  Al Rae, Artistic Director, Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Winnipeg Comedy Festival

The Anchor House, Bonavista Peninsula

Quintessential Outport. Gravel roads, sandy beaches, spectacular coastline, great people...

  • 5 minute drive from Maberly with views of the Elliston Landslide
  • Three hours from St. John's, in the town of Elliston, 4km/2.5mi from Bonavista
  • Spectacular Puffin site located nearby with park and rare sandy beach
  • Three bedrooms, 2 queen + 2 twins
  • Laundry facility on premises
  • BBQ and large deck with interesting short & long ocean views
  • Featured over five times in HOUZZ, the leading magazine for design enthusiasts and architects

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The Anchor House, located in Elliston near Bonavista, was restored inin 2010.  It's over 100 years old and is located in a small quiet town 4km/2.5mi from Bonavista. It has incredible short and long views across Norder cove out to the ocean. The Anchor House shares 1000 feet of coastal waterfront property with another CapeRace property. You can walk to a spectacular beach at Sandy Cove, a neighbouring hamlet and you are a short five minute drive from the Maberly Puffin site.  Elliston, known as the "Root cellar Capital of the World", is home of the annual Roots Rants & Roars Food Festival.

 See the Fun Restoration Video>>

The Convent

The Convent served the town of Trepassey and area until 2010

Built in the 1960’s by the Presentation Sisters of Newfoundland to replace their Convent School originally established in 1882, the Convent served the town of Trepassey and area until 2010. Newly reinvigorated as a guesthouse, The Convent offers a unique travel experience. With internal cosmetic modernization that did not diminish the original Convent structure, guests will enjoy smoke and pet free modern rooms infused with charming traditional Newfoundland aesthetic and amenities.

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Your hosts, Karen and Kenneth Munro (Canadian-Scottish), have lived in countries all over the world and have been in the travel and tourism business for years. Join them at The Convent Guesthouse and fall in love with the Heart of Irish Newfoundland.


The Traveller's Diary: A bookstore quality Guidebook written annually by CapeRace to suit your travel style

Jonathan Tourtellot, Fellow, National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations: ". ..Things you (CapeRace) have done involving people are truly trailblazing. I don't know of anyone, anywhere that has figured out such a great way to get tourists in contact with local people..."


Your secret weapon. We are the only travel company that initiates real connections with the local community in a self-guided travel format. Seasoned travellers know that technology has destroyed the printed old-school travel guide. It's been replaced by Trip-Advisor type "opinion" and paid-for, commercially influenced blogs. Mobile apps have also largely failed in this area.  We have used technology to improve the old-school guidebook.

Just how do we do it?

First, CapeRace believes the two major factors that impact the enjoyment of an adventure is spontaneity and time management. You simply need to allocate enough discretionary time to allow unplanned situations and interactions to influence your trip. This creates the sense of exploration and discovery. It's particularly important in Newfoundland to minimize your vehicle commute-time and maximize your commute-explore time. This is a challenge when touring the expansive island, as Newfoundland is a driving vacation. Many lose their trip to their car and return home with pictures taken through a bug-splattered window.

The CapeRace-written guidebook gets local. We write about people and places in your specific neighbourhood and recommend activities within 1.5-2 hours of each house. This creates a virtual "perimeter around the playground" and gets you back to your coastal home's deck for cocktail hour, just in time to watch the whales and magnificent sunsets.

Adventure Through People

Second, it is our strong belief that connecting with the local community produces the best travel experience. That memorable heart-felt and life-changing travel experiences occur off the standard tourist beat and with a sense of the unknown and discovery. We specifically write the guidebook in a way that changes the odds and nature of chance meetings of colourful characters, all set in a spectacular scenic backdrop. Through hidden agendas, the Traveller's Diary will lead you to a situation, but it is up to you to make the exchange happen through the development of your own relationship with the people you will encounter. It's all by chance, which creates the true, meaningful and most important, fun experience. This is the concept that caught National Geographic's attention and urged them to take the trip.

Responsible Travel

We use technology to quickly update the travel guide, swapping people and places in and out of the book as we discover new areas to explore and new people to meet. This dilutes the overall traveller's footprint and spreads out the economic benefit in rural areas.


View our Adventures

If you would like to have the "Traveller's Diary" customized to your specific travel style, we can edit and demand print a guide unique to you and your travelling group for a nominal charge.

Using new publication technology we can professionally demand-print single personalized copies of the travel guide. With our knowledge of your destination and a good understanding of where you stand on the Eco-Culture scale, we can demand-print one unique copy of the guide book, specifically for you. The Traveller's Diary creates that sense of adventure sometimes lost in large-scale tourism, that opportunity to truly connect with a person or place in a meaningful way. Contact us if you would like us to personalize your itinerary

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  1. Question: 
    What is CapeRace Cultural Adventures?
    A boutique travel company specializing in authentic self-guided travel experiences at Canada’s most eastern island of Newfoundland.
  2. Question: 
    Where are the coastal homes located?
    CapeRace has six coastal homes that are used for different trips. The Eco-Culture Experience 10-Day trip utilizes three, the 7-Day uses two. Two houses are located in the Battery neighbourhood of St. John's at Signal Hill, two in the small quiet town of Heart's Delight at Trinity Bay and two are located on the Bonavista Peninsula, either at the Mockbeggar neighbourhood in the town of Bonavista, or in the small town of Elliston.
  3. Question: 
    What does CapeRace offer?
    CapeRace offers outdoorsy, soft adventure, meaningful travel packages that bring Newfoundland’s rich history, performing arts, and the pristine wilderness together to create what we call an "Eco-Culture Experience"™. This occurs at the intersection of Newfoundland's unique cultural heritage, amazing wildlife and scenic wonders. It appeals to the mind and soul of the curious traveler and ensures the self-guided experience is filled with a sense of personal meaning and accomplishment. Sense of place, or geographical character of our destinations is highlighted through the encouragement of traveler participation in the local community in an authentic, sustainable setting.
  4. Question: 
    How does the tour package work?
    CapeRace will give you a key that fits the locks of two or three newly restored homes situated in spectacular coastal locations, an unlimited milage vehicle, and a self-published commercial-grade guidebook written specifically for the CapeRace trip. In some cases we customize or extend these trips and access third-party accommodation. Travellers stay at two or three authentic indigenous homes on an exclusive–use basis, and use the self-directing "Traveller's Diary" to explore unique and out-of-the-way nature sites, pubs, and music venues - recommending activities that will inspire the traveler to become part of three local communities. Each are located within a three hour proximity, and offer a different take of Newfoundland lifestyle and culture. It is a flexible self-driving, self-guiding circuit-tour that offers the opportunity to experience cultural and ecological discovery at one’s own pace, on one’s own terms. For eample, guests on the 10-Day trip travel in a circuit tour, staying three nights in St. John’s, three nights in Heart’s Delight, and three nights in Bonavista/Elliston. Guests on the 7-Day trip travel in a circuit tour, staying three nights in St. John’s and three nights in Bonavista.
  5. Question: 
    What makes CapeRace Cultural Adventures different?
    What makes CapeRace different from other tour operators is that we capture a balanced combination of the unique cultural heritage and spectacular scenic coastline, and package it up into a non-staged, experience. Our unique approach allows the traveler to become part of the local community, and can witness Newfoundland’s scenic wonders through the eyes of the locals. Most tour companies outsource their accommodations. Because CapeRace owns the three coastal homes, consistent high quality amenities are ensured across all three houses—including the most import—very high-end beds. Travellers stay in neighbourhoods exclusively in their own restored historic coastal homes. They become part of three very different communities. All houses are consistent, and are restored and outfitted to a common standard. New beds, new bed linen, new kitchenware, new paint- and ultra clean- no disappointing accommodation that happens when booking on the fly. All have a large outdoor deck with bbq and grand view of the ocean. All houses are architecturally different, and all offer a completely different take on Newfoundland living and lifestyle; creating a new and unique environment every three-five days. CapeRace takes the difficult and anxiety-causing task of planning out of the travel effort without effecting spontaneity or authenticity aspects of the experience. Travellers are self-directed and make all decisions. There is no “force-fed’ itinerary. The flexible self-driving, self-catering circuit-tour provides the opportunity to experience cultural and ecological discovery at one's own pace, on ones own terms. Not only are the actual destinations spectacular, but the road trip between the destinations is a large part of the adventure. The CapeRace tour creates time “safety-net” through its inherent itinerary--- set only by the home location and stay-duration.
  6. Question: 
    Your trips are self-guided. Can we hire a guide through you?
    Yes- we have access to guides for all of our trips. Labrador extensions have guides included in the overall price. Guides can be hired through your outfitter for the Gros Morne Park extension.
  7. Question: 
    Tell me more about the Custom Guidebook known as “The Traveller’s Diary”
    CapeRace is the only travel company that transparently initiates real connections with the local community in a self-guided, unscripted travel format. The travel guide is the vehicle we use to allow this to occur. A The guidebook is a crucial part of the overall CapeRace experience. It is the key enabler that allows us to deliver on the promise of a true Newfoundland experience experience. It is our strong belief that responsible travel ultimately produces the best travel experience--that memorable heart-felt and life-changing travel experiences occur without the intervention of a tour operator and without the deployment of intrusive traditional travel products and services. We deliver an enriched cultural tourism experience by creating a situation whereby our customers establish their own relationships with local people, without third party intervention. The “Traveller’s Diary” is a commercial-grade travel guidebook written specifically for the CapeRace Eco-Culture Experience and CapeRace Culinary tours, targeted at the Avalon and Bonavista Peninsulas and Fogo Island.
  8. Question: 
    So why is this special?
    The guide self-directs the traveller not only to the popular sights in the vicinity of the three homes, but also to the unique and out of the way pubs, nature sites, shops and heritage sites that are not well known to the average sightseer. The travel guide covertly leads the guest to a potential cultural interaction, but it is up to the guest to make the exchange happen through the development of their own relationship. For example, the guidebook directs guests to the historic barbershop on Duckworth Street to see the numerous photographs of old St. John’s that hang on the wall. It’s our hidden agenda to have them meet the barber who has been cutting hair there for fifty years, knowing he would be able to recount the history of St. John’s much better than the pictures. Our ultimate objective to have the traveller purchase a haircut. Once you decide to go into the shop- you own the relationship that may transpire with the barber. Using new information technology we can professionally demand-print the travel guide. This has several major impacts; first, it allows the travel guide to be updated in near-real-time, to the point that we can print a new book for each traveling group. As CapeRace and our customers meet more interesting people, and visit more unique places, we evolve the guidebook to ensure the next traveller’s experience maintains originality, spontaneity, and authenticity. This allows us to get our guests to the sites long before they become popular- providing the most authentic experience and in a less crowded environment.
  9. Question: 
    How many copies of the book are supplied per trip?
    One book per travelling party is provided. Additional books can be purchased for the cost of printing, or $80 cdn.
  10. Question: 
    Do you offer Group or Mulit-Family pricing?
    Yes. You can see the multi-traveller pricing under the Booking Dates tabs under ADVENTURES. If booked well in advance we may be able to offer side-by-side trips that can provide accomodation for twelve travellers.
  11. Question: 
    Where are the coastal homes located?
    Each is located within a 2-3 hour proximity of each other and offer a different measure of Newfoundland's intriguing cultural, scenic, and sporting assets. The tour starts in St. John’s and moves around the Avalon and Bonavista Peninsulas. The 10-Day traveller stays in St. John's and Heart’s Delight; 1 ¼ hours from St. John’s. They then travel on to Elliston/Bonavista Peninsula, a three hour drive from Heart's Delight. The 7-Day travller skips Heart's Delight and proceeds directly to Bonavista.
  12. Question: 
    When should we book?
    The majority of our spring and summer trips are sold from January through July. You can check availability under the BOOKING DATES tab under ADVENTURES. Booking early will provide you with more choice for departure dates such as weekend or mid-week departures.
  13. Question: 
    What about flights?
    For CapeRace Eco-Culture Experience trips, 7-Day and 10-Day, we recommed taking the earliest flight into St. John's International Airport and a late afternoon or evening departure flight out of St. John's International Airport. Its a three hour trip from Bonavista to the St. John's airport with little chance of delay on the highway. For the CapeRace Culinay trip, we recommed taking the earliest flight into St. John's International Airport and an afternoon departure flight out of Gander International Airport. For any extensions to Gros Morne or Labrador, you will need to book your departure flight out of Deer Lake Airport. Watch for seat sales. If you book your trips well in advance, you will find cheap flights. For example, flights from Toronto may be secured for $450 return, tax-in, if you have at least three month lead time. Charter flights, including both fixed-wing and helicopter are available and have the ability to land at Fogo Island.
  14. Question: 
    But I want to see more of Newfoundland- including Gros Morne on the west coast?
    Sure. Check our TRIP EXTENSION section under each trip. We offer three night extensions to Gros Morne and can customize a trip extension for you. Most Labrador tours depart on Fridays, however, we can make arrangements for customstart dates. Contact us for more details.
  15. Question: 
    How often does the trip depart?
    Departure dates every four days from April through October.
  16. Question: 
    Can we extend?
    Yes. CapeRace has properties not listed on this site. We offer packaged extensions and also market trips via CapeRace Custom. For custom trips please contact us to disucss options. There are many.
  17. Question: 
    How can we pay?
    We take payments by certified cheque, bank draft, email funds transfer, VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. We recommend you check the transaction fees charged to you by your credit card company and balance and charges this with the travel bennefits your card provides.
  18. Question: 
    What about the vehicle rentals and services offered by credit card companies?
    While the cost of the rental vehicle IS calculated and included in the overall price of your trip, National Car Rental corporate policy dictates the driver contract with them directly for the duration of the trip. You will not be charged by National Car Rental when you pick up your vehicle, however, the driver will be required to sign a contract. Upon return of the rental vehicle damage-free, the driver will be released fom any agreements made after payment for expenses such as tolls, fuel, traffic violations, GPS rental, and parking tickets. The driver is responsible for vehicle insurance for the duration of the rental. Note that most premium credit cards offer services such as trip cancellation, trip accident, and rental vehcile insurance coverage. We recommend you understand the breadth of services are offered, the terms of those services and if there are transaction fees associated with your trip purchase. We're happy to discuss our experiences with credit card transactions and alternative methods of payment.
  19. Question: 
    What are your cancellation terms?
    We use industry standard cancellation terms for boutique tour operators. You can read our terms and conditions here.
  20. Question: 
    Does your company carry insurance?
    We carry General Liabilty Insurance on CapeRace Cultural Adventures Inc., a Newfoundland & Labrador incorporated company. This does not cover you if you are injured, become ill, or have to cancel your trip. It's important that you are properly insured when you travel. Travel insurance can be purchased for as little as $100 per person per trip through most banks.
  21. Question: 
    The preservation of the environment and responsible travel is important to me. What is CapeRace doing to minimize the damage tourism does to a destination?
    The key to responsible travel is found in the Traveller’s Diary. Using new information technology we can professionally demand-print induvidual travel guides. This has several impacts: First, it allows the travel guide to be updated in near-realtime, to the point that we print a new book for each customer. As CapeRace and our customers meet more interesting people, and visit more unique places, we evolve the guidebook to ensure the next traveller’s experience maintains originality, spontaneity, and authenticity. Second, and of most importance, the guide allows us to adhere to sustainable travel practices as it ensures that the traveller's collective seasonal footprint on the specific destination is minimized, and the distribution of economic benefits are spread wider. With less concentrated intrusions we are protecting the platform upon which the travel experience occurs by minimizing the tourism-based cultural erosion. Newfoundland & Labrador being a largely undiscovered and unexplored place allows the Traveller's Diary to change often throughout the season as new people and new experiences are uncovered. Across the ten-day trip almost all experiences are by chance and the outcome is what the traveller makes of them. We do not stage the cultural interactions they will have rather we place them in the situation to have them. This gives the traveller choice and removes frustration and disappointment found in traditional tours stemming from unpredictable and often uncontrollable events such as the weather, mood, and operator incompetence.