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Things to see and do

  • The CapeRace Story
    "...we were struck by the familiar, not unpleasant ‘smell’ of the house..."
  • Hanging with the Big Birds
    On the Avalon Peninsula, puffins gather en masse to gorge on fish. MARY ROACH drops in for the guided tour.
  • When to Travel to Newfoundland
    When to Go? You might be surprised...
  • CapeRace Maps For The Newfoundland Traveller
    Based on our award-wining Eco-Culture Experience concept we're creating a series of maps that will not only chart interesting places but also interesting and colourful people.
  • Anthony Bourdain Visits Newfoundland
    5 Things Anthony Bourdain will teach you about Newfoundland
  • Icebergs
    By Dr. Stephen E. Bruneau Ph.D., P.Eng
  • A Delectable drive-it-yourself Food Tour of Newfoundland
    Loosen your seatbelt a few notches for a delectable drive-it-yourself food tour of Newfoundland
  • Why Cape Race Should be Famous
    The Illustrated London News, 

August 24,1861
  • On The Water
    Newfoundland was shaped by the Sea. Fishing, boating, whale watching, sea kayaking, not to mention iceberg hunting. So many things to do for those waterborne types. Limited cod fishing is now open during the summer months, and many rivers offer fly-fishing.
  • Getting Real in Newfoundland
    JAMES GLAVE from Saturday's Globe and Mail
  • Eat & Drink
    Your custom guidebook, the "Traveller's Diary" will have details of wide-ranging dining experiences from the exquisite to the edgy.
  • Hike & Walk
    Nowhere in the world is coastal hiking and walking so close to home. The coastal hiking and walking opportunities here in Newfoundland are endless. Many trails used by fisherman one hundred years ago are still traversable, and others are still undiscovered.
  • Wander
    "Never have I fallen so truly, madly and deeply in love with a land so hard and so fast..." Colleen Seto, honourary Newfoundlander & certified fun professional.
  • Exotic, unexpected, unpretentious & undiscovered
    By Michelle Pentz-Glave
  • Food Tourism: Why Newfoundland Needs to Be Your Next Culinary Travel Destination
    Now a new generation of Newfoundland chefs, fueled by renewed local pride and the island's growing economy, is bringing the lessons learned in their grandmothers' kitchens to St. John's restaurants.
  • Watch BIRDS
    Our province is home to the hemisphere's largest gatherings of marine birds, and every year roughly 35 to 40 million seabirds travel to our waters, among them gannets, puffins, storm-petrels, ospreys, and razorbills.
  • Food Tourism; Lighthouse Picnics, Ferryland, Newfoundland
    "Lighthouse Picnics was one of the best and utterly unique meal experiences I’ve had..." Christina Kay Bolton
  • Strange Coffins
    Mockbeggar Mystery in Bonavista Bay
  • 9/11 at Gander
    Delta Stewardess Writes Letter
  • North America's most unlikely culinary capital - which you can reach in five hours...
    “The locally foraged stuff has exploded,” says Tony Butt, the proprietor. “Twenty-five years ago we didn’t even do mushrooms.”
  • Traversing the Wilds of Newfoundland and Labrador With One of Canada's Best Chefs
    Food Travel Newfoundland: On Canada’s easternmost coast, where the salmon are jumping and moose abound, the author tags along with Jeremy Charles as he blazes a new trail for Canuck cuisine.
  • The Titanic and Newfoundland
    Mr. Bride, the assistant Marconi operator on board the Titanic
  • Party Newfoundland Style
    St. John's has some of the best nightlife anywhere. There's music for every taste, from a harpist in a hotel restaurant, to jazz, rock and traditional east coast music in the local pubs. It's like a permanent Mardi Gras without the excesses. Well, maybe with the excesses.
  • Flashing Silver in the Sky
    SARA GODWIN stalks the elusive Atlantic salmon.
  • Shop
    Those that despise shopping will love it here. We not only point you in the direction of great shops, but to the shops that have great people. Remember, the action is in the streets and the shops. Make it a priority activity.
  • My Trip to Newfoundland
    13 Year old MORGAN ELIAS delivered this speech to her class as part of a public speaking competition
  • Roosevelt & Churchill visit The Rock great secrecy aboard the heavy cruiser USS Augusta
  • Cycle
    When's the last time you've been on a vintage bike?
  • Learn & Connect
    "...Things you have done involving people are truly trailblazing. I don't know of anyone, anywhere that has figured out such a great way to get tourists in contact with local people..." Jonathan Tourtellot, Fellow, National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations comments on the unique CapeRace approach to meaningful travel.
  • Photograph
    Even the worst photographer looks real good in Newfoundland. There are so many photo opps in Newfoundland you don't have to get lucky to come home with a whack of good shots.
  • "... Never have I fallen so truly, madly and deeply in love with a land so hard and so fast..."
    On a trip from rowdy St. John’s to historic Bonavista, travel writer Colleen Seto learns why Newfoundlanders are always happy to come home
  • Winter Travel to Newfoundland
    Karen Pinchin heads to an isolated corner of Canada’s East Coast to find out how remote living provokes creativity – in food, art and hospitality.
  • Among Whales
    Byron Ricks Paddles Head to Head in Witless Bay
  • CapeRace Cultural Adventures & National Geographic Partner
    "We are thrilled to be part of the Geotourism planning and development process..."
  • Seabirds of Newfoundland
    In fact, Newfoundland and Labrador may just be the world's seabird capital.
  • Fadging Around the Rock
    A Personal Travelogue by C.W. Lee
  • Coast to coast: Why Tofino and Newfoundland have the most exciting food scenes in Canada
    "Central Canada’s food scene has got nothing on what chefs are feeding the hungry hordes gravitating to its coasts"... Chris Johns
  • Sleep In
    Put your feet up and relax. Someone takes it easy at the Thomas Mouland House. On a CapeRace trip your exclusive-use of our coastal homes allows you to call the shots. No need to compliment the B&B owners on how great their jam is, and you decide what time to get up in the morning-or-afternoon.
  • The History of Performing Arts in Newfoundland
    The first recorded performance in Newfoundland was in 1583...
  • Hiking the Avalon and Bonavista Peninsulas
    Mary Smyth and Fred Hollingshurst , Authors, 52 Great Hikes
  • Travel Writer Falls for Bonavista
    "Fresh and wild, beautiful, friendly, and completely offbeat. Why Newfoundland is North America's best kept secret...." Joanne O'Connor
  • Flightsee
    A new and unusual way to experience Whales & Icebergs. The only way to appreciate the shear mass of a whale is from the air.
  • The Newfoundland Tricolour
    The Newfoundland pink, white and green tricolour is one of the oldest symbols...
  • Food Tourism & Fogo Island Inn
    There’s a terrific survivalist spirit bursting out of chef McDonald’s kitchen, where most everything is made from scratch – not just bread and bacon but mustard and vinegar too.
  • National Geographic Travel Map
    Order your National Geographic Map of Newfoundland Here. CapeRace was the co-founder of the National Geographic Newfoundland MapGuide project for Eastern Newfoundland
  • Amelia Earhart 

    Newfoundland's First Female Aviator Pioneer
  • Culinary Adventures in Newfoundland
    St John’s local and Top Chef Canada Season 1 contender Todd Perrin talks with us about his favourite events and places to eat and drink
  • Today a Country Dies
    New province tomorrow: hope, sorrow blend on Confederation eve
  • Newfoundland is hardly new...
    Travel through 9,000 years of scenic beauty...
  • Newfoundland food forage tour turns up flavourful herbs, seafood galore
    There’s a saying inspired by the boil-up, a tradition of outdoor eating that’s especially loved on the island of Newfoundland: Nothing tastes as good as a cup of tea in the woods.
  • Eight Days of Culinary Excellence & Outdoor Adventure
    Food Travel: CapeRace Newfoundland Adventures Partners with Fogo Island Inn
  • History of The Outer Battery, St. John’s Newfoundland

    Rolls Cove, Seal Rock & One o’Clock