Fishers Loft Inn- Port Rexton, Bonavista Peninsula

... Part forest and part meadow crowned by a ridge some 300 ft above sea level...

The Inn is situated on a hillside, part forest and part meadow crowned by a ridge some 300 ft above sea level. Toward the east the Inn overlooks Ship Cove, the vast expanse of Trinity Bay and approaches to the North Atlantic. In the west guests experience golden sunsets over Trinity Harbour. Blueberry bushes border the web of footpaths connecting six buildings on the inn's 14 acre hillside property. Chairs are strategically located for quiet moments to contemplate the panorama of seascapes. The Inn's buildings reflect traditional architecture in this rural region The rooms and suites have views of forest and ocean through the mullions and muntins of locally made traditional wooden windows. Furniture in rooms, suites and public areas is handcrafted by a local prize winning artisan, Mike Paterson. The buildings and interiors reflect the tangible and aesthetic heritage of Newfoundland. The Inn is surrounded by many attractions (more than in any other region of rural Newfoundland) including whale watching, professional theater, movie sets, boat tour of deserted communities, craft shops, art galleries, historic sites, small fishing communities, friendly people and panoramic seascapes at every turn in the road.


Family Owned & Operated

The Fisher family manages the Inn. Sons Luke and Gabriel, partners Molly and Rhiannon and grandkids are taking over John and Peggy's innkeeper responsibilities though they both can be found greeting old friends and new guests. The Inn is a collection of indigenous Trinity Bay Houses (third generation saltbox design and a Mansard) accompanied by a French kitchen garden and operating greenhouse. Fisher's Loft Inn is "Where to Eat in Canada" top ranked rural restaurant in Newfoundland, with the restaurant looking over the kitchen garden, out across Trinity Bay to the North Atlantic. While dining you will experience sun rises and sun sets, icebergs and whales in season. The culinary approach emphasizes fresh, local ingredients harvested from the on-site garden. Attractive yet not pretentious plating makes for a relaxed meal.


On the windswept coast of Newfoundland, a clever, contemporary Zone 3 garden feels right at home in its magical surroundings

Paths meander among curved beds filled with lettuce, garlic, strawberries, beets and other essentials that grace the dishes of the hotel’s restaurant each day, while tender tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and basil reside in the greenhouse built in 2009. The garden thrives thanks to the careful handling of son Gabe, who oversees it, much to the benefit of the guests of the inn, who dine on fresh, simple fare like partridgeberry French toast, carrot soup and locally sourced fish. It’s an elemental way of life, but one that remains vital to putting down roots on the Rock.


The Rooms

The rooms are casually elegant, bright and spacious, several with cathedral ceilings, and have ocean views through traditional windows. Your room, along with all others including public spaces throughout the Inn, display the Fisher Loft art collection. It is the largest collection in the province. Rooms you will stay in are equipped with a queen bed. They are furnished with an armoire, table and chair, down duvet and pillows, original artwork and ensuite full bathroom. All rooms have cable television, a telephone with free local calling and complimentary wireless internet. All houses have close-proximity parking. The inn has a modest library of books, journals, studies, periodicals intended to illuminate both history and current affairs of the province. A magazine rack has the best of the world's periodicals covering international affairs, fashion, the arts, economics, travel and more.



Finally, the staff is the heart and soul of the Inn. They are all local first generation descendants of rural fishing families. There is a no-uniform policy at the Inn and the staff is encouraged to be themselves rather than the typical homogenized hospitality industry worker. This dovetails into the friendly inviting atmosphere, making your experience with the local community a highlight of your trip.