Greater St. John's

Thrust into the waters of the North Atlantic, the irregularly shaped Avalon Peninsula was once part of the European continent that drifted westward 400 million years ago.

It was flooded by oceans, scoured by glaciers, and landscaped into an amazing geographical creation with rocks, cliffs, coves and bays. From the brightly-painted homes of Petty Harbour to the picturesque coves of Wittless Bay, the greater St. John's area brings together many different aspects of Newfoundland life. The area was originally settled by English and Irish colonists who arrived as early as the 1600's, and tales of their early fishing and farming adventures continue to be passed on.   The area offers much in the way of short day trips from St. John's.  This year, National Geographic named the Avalon Peninsula as the very top of 99 coastal tourism destinations in the world, beating out popular seaside travel spots in Wales, New Zealand, Hawaii, Italy, Australia and other provinces within Canada.

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By day, you can revel in the area's untouched natural beauty, whether it's outdoor casual fine dining at a lighthouse, gazing at seabird colonies, or exploring magnificent cliffs.   By night, you can shift gears altogether.  Maybe it's a stroll down the narrow streets of Brigus where you can pick up some great theatre, or a day of fiddling or dancing at one of the many small town festivals held during the summer.  The Traveller's Diary will direct you to several great towns where all this happens.  Be sure to say hi to Fifi, she's been acting in a one-time play that's being going for years.