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"...Things you have done involving people are truly trailblazing. I don't know of anyone, anywhere that has figured out such a great way to get tourists in contact with local people..." Jonathan Tourtellot, Fellow, National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations comments on the unique CapeRace approach to meaningful travel.

You will be overwhelmed by the hospitality here in Newfoundland.  The warm and welcoming spirit combined with spontaneous belly-laugh conversations make this place unique in the world. But why? Many seem to think it's the isolated outpost aspects of the island and the naturally rugged setting that keeps the population grounded. Newfoundlander's cherish family, friends, and good times and these aspects of life remain high on the list of things that really matter. A shrinking population and historical "out-migration" has helped to maintain the sense of place and has solidified a unique identity and a strong sense of self. 

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The intangible cultural heritage in the province is ubiquitous and is the reason visitors to the island have such a profound heart-felt travel experience. But the true experience can't be planned. It just happens.  We try to help. The CapeRace Traveller's Diary transparently draws you in to this realm in ways you will come to understand only when you depart.  Using hints throughout the guidebook, we sometimes direct you to places with the hope you will bump into some of the more colourful characters that we know live or work in the area. For example, we may recommend a general store as the last stop for supplies for miles, but really we're trying to get you to meet the owner. The Traveller's Diary engenders chance meetings that we at CapeRace believe are the ONLY way to truly appreciate the rich, interesting and unique culture Newfoundland has to offer. The traveller’s desire to engage drives these interactions.     

Be sure to check our customers experiences under the Stories tab.  The CapeRace approach builds on National Geographic's Geotourism guidelines that serve to protect sensitive cultures from reckless tourism. We strongly believe in this approach will contributing to promote responsible & sustainable travel throughout the province.  

"...Every story you hear in Newfoundland is an unraveling one, Cathia explained to me back at Auntie Crae’s. They start small, then grow bigger, more elaborate. That’s true of my conversations with Jerry. It occurs to me, as I’m leaving Heart’s Delight, that I already know more about him than I do about my neighbors back home. I also know how to prepare a jar of moose.  Jerry Burton, CapeRace’s property manager, lives two doors away and visits often with sightseeing tips or just to chat. Before I leave for Bonavista, he drops by one final time with a gift, a jar of moose. “Shot it myself in 2007,” he says. “Did I tell you about that?” " ...  Joel Yanofsky writes about one of his memorable experiences with the local community at Heart's Delight.