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Newfoundland is the 15th largest island in the world. It has 6000 miles of coastline compared to Ireland with 2300 miles, and England with 2000 miles.

Many that visit Newfoundland make the common catastrophic travel mistake of not consulting milage charts before they depart.   Those that don't do their geography homework wind up clocking countless hours behind the wheel of car and return from their trip with a cameraload of treasured photographs taken through a bug splattered windshield.  We recommend ten days to properly experience the Avalon and Bonavista Peninsulas, and if you plan to see Gros Morne Park, add at least three nights, four days.

- 3 hours from St. John's to Bonavista
- 1.5 hours from St. John's to Heart's Delight
- 3 hours from Heart's Delight to Bonavista.
- 1.5 hours from Heart's Delight to Cape St. Mary's.
- 2 hours from Gander Airport to Farewell-Fogo Island ferry
- 45 min ferry crossing from mainland Farewell to Fogo Island
- 8-10 hours from St. John's to Gros Morne Park depending on stops.
- 45 minutes from Gros Morne Park to Deer Lake Airport.
- 3-4 hours Gros Morne Park to Labrador Ferry
- 20 minutes from St. John's International Airport to downtown.

- Walk from St. John's CapeRace properties to downtown 5-10 minutes.

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It is important to understand that Newfoundland is a driving vacation and your time in the car should be spent exploring not commuting.  There's a big difference.  If you are in a rush, you won't stop and yak with the skipper of the fishing boat you stumbled across. You'll get the picture of the boat, but you won't walk away with a feed of crab like those that have the time might.  By far the key to a memorable Newfoundland experience is the management of your time in the car. Don't drive to the starting line of the road trip.  

You will need the time to experience the unexpected.