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Adventure Packages

With spontaneity as your compass and your energy as your limit, we send you on a hunt for colourful people and exotic places in an environment unmatched anywhere in the world. 

"... His company, CapeRace Cultural Adventures - the only one of its kind in Canada- offers what a gag certificate cannot: Admission to the inner circles of outport communities up and down Newfoundland's eastern shore, and the chance to have an uncanned, unpredictable experience of place..."  James Glave, Globe & Mail

From Ancient City to Outport. 10 days on the Baccalieu & Discovery Trails. St. John's to Bonavista via the remote Outport of Heart's Delight. Personality is the new luxury...



"One of the top 15 Eco-Adventures in Canada..."   EXPEDIA, 2016

Our best-seller. Personality is the new luxury. You determine your own pace for exploring urban St. John's and Newfoundland's outport communities, all located on the Avalon and...

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10 - Days
Eco-Culture Experience: St. John's & Outports

Our first trip for the local St. John's community...

With the Bonavista Peninsula rural recovery well underway, new restaurants, theatres, brew pubs, and an untouched striking landscape make it a great weekend destination for the local St.John’s market. “CapeRace Townie," one of our new trips, offers St. John’s residents the opportunity to...

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3-4 - Days
CapeRace Townie - Designed for Fun People from St.John's

It's about Exploration. 7 days of Spontaneous Events & Unique Discoveries. St. John's to Bonavista on the Discovery Trail

A shorter version of our self-guided Eco-Culture  Experience™ 10-day trip.  A quick and easy way to retreat back to simpler times. You determine your own pace for exploring urban St. John's and outport Bonavista, located on Newfoundland's Avalon and Bonavista peninsulas. We provide you with...

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7 - Days
Eco-Culture Experience: St. John's & Bonavista

A Gastro-Cultural Experience: 8 days of Culinary Intrigue. From the exquisite to the Anthony Bourdain-style edgy. St. John's to to Fogo Island via Bonavista

A Gastro-Cultural Experience: Eight days of culinary intrigue for the curious diner. We are using food as a conduit to crossing cultural barriers, allowing travellers to peer further into the rich Newfoundland cultural scene. We've partnered with Fogo Island Inn to create the ultimate culinary...

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8 - Days
CapeRace CULINARY & Fogo Island Inn

We'll custom design your Newfoundland & Labrador Trip. . . . St. John's-Bonavista-Fogo-Gros Morne-Labrador




 "...The increase in bespoke — or custom — travel closely mirrors developments with luxury brands in general. “You can get luxury at a mall — anyone can buy a Louis Vuitton bag... A truly customized trip is something unique..."  Jason Clampet, a...

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Unlimited - Days
CapeRace CUSTOM Trips

Great food, great music, winter coastal hikes, storm watching, warm pubs, caribou tracking and skating on frozen ponds. St. John's to Fogo Island


"These 50 Canadian winter experiences are the ones our experts chose for best exemplifying the natural beauty, cultural uniqueness, and adventurous spirit of Canada and its people..."  Bucket-list worthy, Flight Network, 2016


CapeRace is proud...

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7 - Days
Winter CULINARY: St. John's & Fogo Is. Inn

NEW: Culinary Getaway to St. John's. A compact extended weekend full of great food, local music and outdoor fresh-air adventures all within the city limits

"Food is one of the key ways in which we experience a place when travelling. That secret locals' tapas bar you stumbled across down a backstreet; that briny-fresh seafood you saw hauled straight from the sea. Ingredients evoke landscapes, recipes recall history and certain dishes can unlock the...

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4 - Days
CapeRace CULINARY: St.John's

Special February Adventure: Valentines' Winter Lover's Road Trip

Based on our popular CapeRace Culinary trip to Fogo Island Inn, we have designed a one-time romantic winter trip for the month of February 2018. We'll take the highlights of our Culinary Adventure and concentrate them in into a uniquely romantic road trip that takes you from urban St. John's, a...

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5 - Days
Winter Lover's Road Trip - Fogo Island Inn