Roosevelt & Churchill visit The Rock great secrecy aboard the heavy cruiser USS Augusta

The Atlantic Conference (code named "Riviera") was an historic meeting between President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Mister Winston Churchill and their staffs.

The discussions at the Conference forged the Anglo-American alliance of World War II. Meeting at Ship Harbor, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland from August 9-12, 1941, in great secrecy aboard the heavy cruiser USS Augusta and the battle cruiser HMS Prince of Wales, the two leaders and their staffs discussed the general strategy of the war against the Axis Powers, although the United States was not yet a belligerent. Roosevelt and Churchill have attention to future military operations, in particular launching a second front in Europe to support the beleaguered Soviet forces.

Roosevelt and Churchill also agreed that the U.S. and Britain scientists would cooperate in developing the atomic bomb.

"With humble duty, I have arrived safely, and am visiting the President this morning."--- Prime Minister Churchill to His Majesty the King 9 August 1941