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  • We'll custom design your Newfoundland & Labrador Experience. . . . St. John's-Bonavista-Fogo-Gros Morne-Labrador



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    Personalized Trips & Special Events




    "...The increase in bespoke — or personalized — travel closely mirrors developments with luxury brands in general. “You can get luxury at a mall — anyone can buy a Louis Vuitton bag... A truly customized trip is something unique..."  Jason Clampet, a founder of Skift Travel...

    Use our listed trips as a base and we can extend, reduce or redirect to suit your schedule or travel style.

    CapeRace Custom can design a trip to specifically to meet your requirements. But we can take it one step further if you prefer. We add the people. We can schedule outport kitchen parties to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and corporate retreats complete with fiddles, accordions and of course, local invitees. We can find a local character to take you on a St. John's night adventure that you won't forget. Shock your spouse or friends with a surprise dinner guest, maybe a local celebrity, historian, athlete or musician that will later show you the town. Or maybe a genealogist that will not only research your family tree, but will accompany you to your long lost relatives residences. Take your crowd coastal mountain biking and wind up the day at the local craft brewery in time for an afternoon party.  

    In 2018 CapeRace hosted General Motors as they gloablly launched their new 2019 pickup truck. We can arrange accomodations, remote food and bererage services, unique nature-based and cultural activies for your corporate meetings and parties. We offer a more creative approach to design compared to traditional event planners. 

    Finally, we can write a personalized CapeRace Guidebook for your bespoke experience, complete with any of your own personal pictures and stories- a great surprise birthday gift or keepsake. See Trip Details and then give us a call.

    Use our listed trips as a base and we can extend, reduce or redirect to suit your schedule or travel style.