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Personalized Trips & Special Events - Unlimited Days

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What Creates a Great Travel Experience?

Jason Clampet, a founder of Skift, a website for the travel industry, said that the increase in bespoke — or custom — travel closely mirrors developments with luxury brands in general. “You can get luxury at a mall — anyone can buy a Louis Vuitton bag,” he said. “A truly customized trip is something unique.”

Charlie Scott, a travel consultant that has extensive experience planning custom trips has an interesting insight into high-end travel: "You’re trying to understand someone and help them find the things that are the fit for their sensibility and not just their pocketbook,” Mr. Scott, the travel consultant, said. “Otherwise you’re going to get the run-of-the-mill high end with no sense of authenticity or true luxury.”

Charlie Scott has it right. CapeRace customers have experienced this first hand. Those that can disassociate five-star hotels from luxury travel truly broaden their travel experience.  The cultural connection is often the base of the overall travel experience. Whether it's the the corner store, coffee shop or neighbours, the proximity and type of accommodations will impact your day and will influence the memorable experiences you have. It's from simple everyday interactions you learn about your surroundings, including off-the-radar things to see and do. But more important, you are experiencing the location through the eyes of the locals, not through a globally standardized set of processes that accompany luxury five-star hotel accommodation.

Create your Own Trip

CapeRace Custom can design a trip to specifically to meet your requirments. But we take it one step further. We add the people. We can schedule outport kitchen parties to celebreate birthdays, complete with fiddles, accordians and of course, local invitees. We can find a local character to take you on a St. John's night adventure that you won't forget. Shock your spouse or friends with a surprise dinner guest, maybe a local celebrity, historian, athlete or musician that will later show you town. Or maybe a geneologist that will not only research your family tree, but will accommpany you to your long losts relatives residences. 

Everything is a possibility.