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CapeRace Culinary St.John's- Canada Staycation - 4 Days

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  • NEW: Culinary Getaway to St. John's. A compact extended weekend full of great food, local music and outdoor fresh-air adventures all within the city limits


      CAD USD
    SINGLE PERSON $2,359.00 CAD $1,792.84 USD
    KIDS UNDER 21 $570.00 CAD $433.20 USD
    Price Per Person$2,362.00 CAD$1,765.00 CAD$1,460.00 CAD$1,397.00 CAD$1,244.00 CAD
    $1,795.12 USD$1,341.40 USD$1,109.60 USD$1,061.72 USD$945.44 USD
    Price Per Person2,362.00 CAD1,765.00 CAD1,460.00 CAD1,397.00 CAD1,244.00 CAD


    CapeRace Culinary St.John's- Canada Staycation


    "Food is one of the key ways in which we experience a place when travelling. That secret locals' tapas bar you stumbled across down a backstreet; that briny-fresh seafood you saw hauled straight from the sea. Ingredients evoke landscapes, recipes recall history and certain dishes can unlock the very essence of a place and its people".

    St. John's is a secret foodie capital, with unparalleled cuisine inspired by the New Nordic movement that Copenhagen and Stockholm embraced ten years ago. Arrive Thursday evening and experience three nights/four days of culinary intrigue, great coastal hiking and walking and a unique music scene unmatched anywhere in Canada. By day, you’ll explore all "the Rock" has to offer: from wow-inducing icebergs to ocean-battered hiking trails; from breaching whales to swooping eagles; from friendly pubs to painted “jellybean” houses. By evening, you’ll sit down to dinner at the most exciting tables in the province. Montreal chef Chuck Hughes writes: "Newfoundland is one of the most unique, rugged and breathtaking places on earth... the best way to uncover its raw beauty, sense of history and culture is through its people and their food." Another Montreal chef, Derek Dammann, summed up the Newfoundland cuisine experience to the Globe and Mail: "This is, by far, the best food in Canada right now." After a great evening of culinary intrigue, you'll close the night in an ageless, timeless, friendly venue featuring the best east-coast music offered anywhere.

    We’ve made the impossible-to-secure dining reservations, checked out the best weekend music gigs, gathered a bunch of taxi chits, and prepared Hare's Ears Cottage for your stay; a sunny, raincoat-yellow painted cottage in the Outer Battery Village, a place of twisty roads, fishing stages and legendary friendly-funny Newfoundlanders. It's one of the oldest and scenic neighbourhoods in St. John's; a neighbourhood that Conde Nast Traveler calls "The Most Beautiful Place in Canada". We've written a time-specific guide to the city that will keep you as busy as you'd like to be, exploring areas only the locals would know. All you have to do is show up.


    "...Things you (CapeRace) have done involving people are truly trailblazing. I don't know of anyone, anywhere that has figured out such a great way to get tourists in contact with local people..." Jonathan Tourtellot, National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations

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