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Winter CULINARY: St. John's & Fogo Is. Inn - 7 Days

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  • Great food, great music, winter coastal hikes, storm watching, warm pubs, caribou tracking and skating on frozen ponds. St. John's to Fogo Island


      CAD USD
    SINGLE PERSON $5,990.00 CAD $4,552.40 USD
    KIDS UNDER 21 $700.00 CAD $532.00 USD
    Price Per Person$5,990.00 CAD$5,190.00 CAD
    $4,552.40 USD$3,944.40 USD
    Price Per Person5,990.00 CAD5,190.00 CAD


    Winter CULINARY: St. John's & Fogo Is. Inn



    "These 50 Canadian winter experiences are the ones our experts chose for best exemplifying the natural beauty, cultural uniqueness, and adventurous spirit of Canada and its people..."  Bucket-list worthy, Flight Network, 2016


    CapeRace is proud to have our Winter Culinary trip chosen as one of the top 50 Signature Winter Experiences in Canada by Flight Network.

    We are using food as a conduit to crossing cultural barriers, allowing travellers to peer further into the rich Newfoundland cultural scene. Newfoundland is a secret foodie destination, with unparalleled cuisine inspired by the New Nordic movement that Copenhagen and Stockholm embraced ten years ago. St. John's is the closest city to Europe and has similar variations of the local flora that first inspired Scandinavian chefs to forage in their backyards. Ingredients evoke landscapes, recipes recall history and certain dishes can unlock the very essence of a place and its people".

    CapeRace is the first operator to offer winter Culinary trips to Newfoundland. The success of our Culinary Weekend Getaway trip prompted us to create a longer version that includes the legendary Fogo Island Inn's Winter Season. We've taken the "nowhere to be found elsewhere" dining experiences of St. John's and the Fogo Island Inn and have combined them with winter outdoor activities such as caribou tracking, storm watching, coastal hiking and skating on frozen ponds. We even include hockey sticks and skates. Fantastic east coast music tops it off with fiddles and accordions in warm friendly pubs. 


    "Travelers have an insatiable hunger for adventurous getaways. It’s the once-in-a-lifetime experiences, strange flavors, and adrenaline rushes that make exploring new destinations so exciting. Our team of intrepid travel writers (and die-hard adventurers) searched far and wide for the most thrilling and iconic winter experiences that can be had in one of the world’s most naturally stunning and underrated travel destinations — Canada". FLIGHT NETWORK, 2016

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