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CapeRace CFA: Gander Come From Away - Canada Staycation - 8 Days

Trip detail

Come From Away Tours Gander

We set you up with the keys to your own rental vehicle along with exclusive access to two beautiful CapeRace-owned coastal homes located in St. John's, the village of Heart's Delight, along with accommodation in Gander, where the musical COME FROM AWAY story was created.

Satisfy curiosity and spontaneity through nature, culture and chance.  Experience "Come From Away" for yourself, in real time.

We'll also give you a bookstore-quality, personalized travel guide written by us to suit your personal travel style. The "Traveller's Diary" was key to our success with National Geographic's "50 Tours of a Lifetime" recognition. (see press) It's your key to connecting with the people and nature experiences that make Newfoundland’s coast unique. The guidebook creates a sense of adventure often lost in large-scale tourism, that opportunity to truly connect with a person or place in a meaningful way.  

You determine your own pace for exploring Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula and Central areas.

Explore & Engage

While in St. John's, you'll dine with "Lighthouse Picnic", an award-wining culinary experience at the base of a remote lighthouse. Set up with a thick hand-made quilt, you'll find your way to a secret secluded spot where you will enjoy a gourmet lunch in the imposing rugged cliffs. Every experience will have an intriguing cultural element that will at times trump the dramatic scenic backdrop.

While In the small outport community of Heart's Delight we'll send you off to a local kitchen party where you'll meet longstanding members of the local community. You'll find out how the accordion can transform a room in this unscripted social gathering that allows you to peek inside the legendary Newfoundland hospitality. The uber-successful musical, Come From Away, is set in the week following the September 11 attacks and tells the true story of what transpired when 38 planes were ordered to land unexpectedly in the small town of Gander Newfoundland. At the 71st Tony Awards, it was nominated for seven awards including Best Musical, Best Score, Best Book of a Musical and Best Featured Actress in a Musical for Jenn Colella, ultimately winning for Best Direction of a Musical.

While in Gander, you'll meet up with people that know the story. You'll take a tour showcasing some of the key locals, places, and events of the week of 9/11/2001. You'll hear how town with a population of 9000 with two police officers accommodated a 7000 unexpected visitors. The tour begins at the airport, the stepping off point for the passengers where they were brought through, taken care of and organized before being sent out into Gander and surrounding towns. At the town hall, there will be an exclusive look at the council chambers where a “notable local” such as Os Fudge or Claude Elliott will recollect their personal 9/11 experiences. An exclusive mini-exhibit is set up at one of the tour stops where you will gain an inside look at some of the things that the "plane people" had left behind or had sent back to Gander. You'll visit the Aviation Museum where there is a permanent steel bean from the World Trade Center on permanent display.

The flexible self-driving, self-guiding, self-catering trip gives you the opportunity to experience cultural and ecological discovery at your own pace, on your own terms and on your own time. The CapeRace CFA tour is based on our award-winning Eco-Culture Experience™ and is a great match for adventurous spirits and curious travellers. It's a distinctive travel experience; a way to satisfy curiosity and spontaneity through nature, culture and chance.


What's Included:

Extensive consultation to custom design and book your end-to-end itinerary​.
Exclusive-use of two CapeRace-owned coastal homes in located in St. John's and Heart's Delight with "hotel-ready" outfitting.
Hotel Accommodations in Gander
Unlimited km/mi full-size standard rental vehicle from National Car Rental. Second vehicle included (priced-in) for groups larger than four adults. Upgrades for larger vehicles available at traveller expense.
A copy of the personalized "Traveller's Diary", written by CapeRace with fresh contributions from previous CapeRace travellers.
Come From Away tour in Gander
Lunch at the award-winning "Lighthouse Picnic".
Meet up with the locals at a real Heart's Delight Kitchen Party.

What's not Included:

Air transportation. We can provide you with important advice on how to secure the best air fares. Great direct flights from New York (3 hours, from $250) Toronto (3 hours from $250) and most Canadian cities.
Alcohol and gratuity over 15%
Travel insurance. Travel insurance can be purchased at your local bank.
Rental vehicle fuel, GPS, insurance. (Insurance coverage provided by most credit cards)