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CapeRace CFA: Gander Come From Away - Canada Staycation - 8 Days

Trip detail


Day 1-4  St. John's

St. John's is Newfoundland’s capital city—a place with a "San Francisco meets Dublin" vibe. You’ll spend three nights there, based at Hipditch House, our heritage cottage overlooking the sea, in the Battery, one of the oldest—and most colourful—neighbourhoods in St. John's.  Hipditch House is a short hike from Signal Hill National Historic Park, via the North Head Trail, which starts quite literally at your doorstep. For the three to four days you spend here in North America’s oldest city, you can listen to live Celtic music, dine on fresh seafood, and hike the extensive coastal trail system—or simply head to the independent boutiques and crafters’ studios.

Day 4-6   Heart's Delight, Trinity Bay

After Arrive at Heart's Delight, a quiet former fishing village located directly on the Baccalieu Trail driving route. Spend two nights at the ocean-front EJ Sooley House, a restored traditional fisherman's house built in 1930 located on the banks of Trinity Bay. For three to four days explore over seventy small outport communities along 240 km of coastline. Drive the Cape Shore Trail driving route to Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve where 60,000 nesting Gannets settle on a 300 foot cliff. 

Day 6-8  Gander, Central

Arrive at Gander. Meet the locals that know the story. 

A "Come From Away Experience" is a tour of Gander showcasing some of the key locals, places, and events of the week of 9/11/2001 in Gander. The tour will take you to the Gander International Airport, Gander Town Hall, an exclusive mini exhibit, driving tour around key areas of the town and concluding at the North Atlantic Aviation Museum.  The tour begins with where it all started, the airport, the stepping off point for the passengers once allowed to disembark their planes. They were brought through, taken care of and organized before being sent out into Gander and surrounding towns. At the town hall, there will be an exclusive look at the mayors office and a presentation by a notable local person.  Guess who? An exclusive mini-exhibit will be set up at one of the tour stops where tour patrons will gain an inside look at some of the things that the plane people had left behind or had sent back to Gander after the fact whether it was in 2001 or years later.


Day 8  Depart Gander

Depart Gander International Airport.  Fly out of the airport the "Plane People" came to love.



All tours and activities taken outside of the CapeRace Cultural Adventures Inc. tour are undertaken at the risk and expense of the traveller. The tour is a cultural adventure that will take you to remote areas which may not offer all of the conveniences/services found at home. Personal insurance is mandatory—and not included. Be sure to ask lots of questions if you have critical needs or certain services that are generally available in urban centers. Not suitable for any type of Recreational Vehicle (RV) travel. See our Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy