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CapeRace Townie - For St. John's Locals - 3-4 Days

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  • Our first trip for the local St. John's community...


      CAD USD
    SINGLE PERSON $1,515.00 CAD $1,136.25 USD
    KIDS UNDER 21 $89.00 CAD $66.75 USD
    Price Per Person$759.00 CAD$595.00 CAD$499.00 CAD$464.00 CAD$429.00 CAD
    $569.25 USD$446.25 USD$374.25 USD$348.00 USD$321.75 USD
    Price Per Person759.00 CAD595.00 CAD499.00 CAD464.00 CAD429.00 CAD


    CapeRace Townie - For St. John's Locals


    With the Bonavista Peninsula rural recovery well underway, new restaurants, theatres, brew pubs, and an untouched striking landscape make it a great weekend destination for the local St.John’s market. “CapeRace Townie," one of our new trips, offers St. John’s residents the opportunity to explore the area in a self-drive packaged format.  Unique hikes and walks, great dining, cod-fishing or an ocean jaunt with a local are just a few things you'll experience on this short stay-cation.  

    "Aside from its history and picturesque surroundings, Bonavista stands out in another important way: unlike many other small, coastal towns in Newfoundland, this particular spot is experiencing a business boom. And an increasing number of both locals and tourists are spending time in and around the town — which is just a three-hour drive from St. John’s — because of its growing culinary and cultural scene"... Terry Cole, The Loop.


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