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Eco-Culture Experience: St. John's & Bonavista Staycation - 7 Days

Trip detail

Spontaneous Events & Unique Discoveries

The Eco-Culture Experience™ 7-Day trip is a shorter version of our 10-Day trip. We've reduced the duration of the trip by removing Heart's Delight on the Baccalieu driving trail from the itinerary. You determine your own pace for exploring Newfoundland's Avalon and Bonavista Peninsulas. We set you up with the keys to your own vehicle along with exclusive access to two beautiful CapeRace-owned coastal homes located in urban St. John's and the bustling coastal village of Bonavista on the Bonavista Peninsula.

Satisfy curiosity and spontaneity through nature, culture and chance...

We'll also give you a bookstore-quality, personalized travel guide written by us to suit your personal travel style. The "Traveller's Diary" was key to our success with National Geographic's "50 Tours of a Lifetime" recognition. (see press) It's your key to connecting with the people and nature experiences that make Newfoundland’s coast unique. The guidebook creates a sense of adventure often lost in large-scale tourism, that opportunity to truly connect with a person or place in a meaningful way.  

On National Geographic's recommendation we'll send you on an heart wrenching and heartwarming tour of an abandoned community by boat. The highlight of the tour is the guide, who as a young man experienced the upsetting controversial resettlement of his family in the failed government efforts to consolidate small land-locked and isolated island communities. While in St. John's, you'll dine with "Lighthouse Picnic", an award-wining culinary experience at the base of a remote lighthouse. Set up with a thick hand-made quilt, you'll find your way to a secret secluded spot where you will enjoy a gourmet lunch in the imposing rugged cliffs. Every experience will have an intriguing cultural element that will at times trump the dramatic scenic backdrop.

Explore & Engage

The flexible self-driving, self-guiding, self-catering trip gives you the opportunity to experience cultural and ecological discovery at your own pace, on your own terms and on your own time. The award-winning Eco-Culture Experience™ is a great match for adventurous spirits and curious travellers.  It's a distinctive travel experience; a way to satisfy curiosity and spontaneity through nature, culture and chance.


What's Included:

Extensive consultation to custom design and book your end-to-end itinerary

Exclusive-use of two CapeRace-owned coastal homes in located in St. John's and Bonavista with "hotel-ready" outfitting.

Lunch at Lighthouse Picnic

Ocean tour to an abandoned community 

Unlimited km/mi full-size standard rental vehicle from National Car Rental. Second vehicle included (priced in) for groups larger than four adults. Upgrades for larger vehicles available at traveller expense. 

A copy of the  "Traveller's Diary", written by CapeRace with fresh contributions from previous CapeRace travellers

What's not Included:


Rental vehicle fuel, GPS, insurance. (Insurance coverage provided by most credit cards)Air transportation. We can provide you with important advice on how to secure the best air fares. Great direct flights from New York (3 hours, from $250)  Toronto (3 hours from $250) and most Canadian cities.

Alcohol and gratuity over 15%

Travel insurance. Travel insurance can be purchased at your local bank.

Most of our recommendations are for activities that carry no charge. Outdoor activity opportunities  change with the seasons. It does not snow in the pubs.