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Eco-Culture Experience: St. John's & Outports - Canada Staycation - 10 Days

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  • From Ancient City to Outport. 10 days- St. John's to Bonavista via the remote Outport of Heart's Delight


      CAD USD
    SINGLE PERSON $4,390.00 CAD $3,336.40 USD
    KIDS UNDER 21 $250.00 CAD $190.00 USD
    Price Per Person$4,395.00 CAD$3,795.00 CAD$3,375.00 CAD$3,050.00 CAD$2,772.00 CAD
    $3,340.20 USD$2,884.20 USD$2,565.00 USD$2,318.00 USD$2,106.72 USD
    Price Per Person4,395.00 CAD3,795.00 CAD3,375.00 CAD3,050.00 CAD2,772.00 CAD


    Eco-Culture Experience: St. John's & Outports - Canada Staycation




    "One of the top 15 Eco-Adventures in Canada..."   EXPEDIA, 2016

    Our best-seller. Personality is the new luxury. You determine your own pace for exploring urban St. John's and Newfoundland's outport communities, all located on the Avalon and Bonavista peninsulas. We provide you with exclusive-use of three private, CapeRace-owned coastal homes, an unlimited km/mi rental vehicle and a copy of the CapeRace "Traveller's Diary", a personalized guidebook written by us with fresh contributions from previous CapeRace travellers. You'll avoid frustrating trip planning by taking advantage of the spontaneity and time management elements designed into this ten-day self-guided adventure. After a short hike you'll enjoy a gourmet lunch at a remote lighthouse. You'll experience a traditional kitchen party when we set you up with our family, a great bunch of local musicians in the outport village of Heart's Delight. 


    "... His company, CapeRace Cultural Adventures - the only one of its kind in Canada- offers what a gag certificate cannot: Admission to the inner circles of outport communities up and down Newfoundland's eastern shore, and the chance to have an uncanned, unpredictable experience of place..."  James Glave, Globe & Mail

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