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Eco-Culture Experience: St. John's & Outports - 10 Days

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Hipditch House, Battery Village, St. John’s

"... the house’s decor is blue, white and nautical, and staying here it’s hard not to feel like a spoiled kid in a sailor suit"... renowned author Joel Yanofsky writes about his stay at Hipditch House

  • Beautiful ten minute walk from St. John's city centre
  • Shares property line with Signal Hill National Park
  • Located on the Signal Hill trail system
  • Contemporary decor in a coastal cottage atmosphere
  • Expansive kitchen with bar + deck and barbecue
  • Three bedrooms + kitchen daybed
  • Sweeping views of the city and harbour
  • Fully equipped with Internet, cable TV and laundry facilities
  • References from the Lonely Planet & National Geographic
  • Featured in Canadian Home & Country Magazine
  • Featured over five times in Houzz, the leading magazine for design enthusiasts and architects

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"Sunny yellow, cherry red, turquoise blue—St. Johns’ pop-art-colored houses, collectively known as Jellybean Row, look especially awe-inspiring clustered in the cliffs of this atmosphere-drenched coastal neighborhood just outside downtown..."  Condé Nast Traveler, February 2016, and calls the Battery the most "Beautiuful Place in Canada..."

The Battery is a culturally rich neighbourhood in St. John's and retains the look and character of a 19th century fishing village despite its city location. Hipditch House is a coastal home on St. John's harbour and shares the property line with Signal Hill national park. You will be staying in the best location in the City. It has door-step access to the Signal Hill hiking and walking trails. Nestled in the cliffs of the Battery Village, Hipditch House is just three minutes from downtown by car and ten minutes by foot. It has a deck with panoramic views of the harbour and city skyline along with a southern exposure that provides sunshine all day long with fantastic sunsets in the evening. The house is over 100 years old and has been restored to a quirky coastal theme. It has been featured in numerous design and lifestyle magazines which can be seen in the NEWS section of our website.

  • 2 minute walk to Fort Waldegrave Lookout
  • 7 minute walk to downtown Sheraton Hotel
  • 7 minute walk to Duckworth St. Restaurants
  • 10 minute walk to Water St Shopping
  • 15 minute walk to Duke of Duckworth Pub
  • Ultra-comfortable beds, premium pillow top mattress
  • 400+ thread-count Egyptian cotton bed linens
  • Premium brand small kitchen appliances
  • Fully-equiped laundry
  • Professional pre-arrival cleaning

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"...The Best Seat In The Harbour.  The jaw dropping view, the quiet serenity, the glorious deck, and the beautiful winding paths all add up to a stay that has to be experienced to believe.  Here is the resting place for the weary jet lagged modern soul. A trip that feeds head and heart..."  Al Rae, Artistic Director, Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Winnipeg Comedy Festival

"...Hipditch House was love at first site. I spent an amazing week in St John's because accommodations were perfect! I am very well-travelled and can truthfully say that not a detail was missed or overlooked in the quality of my comfort, safety and entertainment at the Hipditch House. The location of the house in a neighbourhood called the Battery, which overlooks the harbour and city scape, was what sold me completely because it is literally a 10 min walk to all the best places: Signal Hill, The Battery Cafe, the Hot Yoga studio, the coolest gourmet grocery store, restaurants and pubs, shopping, galleries, breweries you name it. The changing views of the harbour from day to nighttime were equally magical. The owner of the CapeRace Newfoundland Adventures tour company, Ken Sooley, took the time to give me guidance and advice about what to do and where to go with the Hipditch house as my base. It was perfect! I needed an easy smooth week where I could relax and do things at my own pace and enjoy as much as possible and this was it! Many thanks to Ken and his Dream Team for creating such a wonderful space in the best area of St John's for others to enjoy..."

Seafair House, Mockbeggar, Bonavista

Seafair House... our latest restoration. The house was built in 1913 in Mockbeggar, the oldest district of Bonavista. The house is a two-and-a-half-storeyed, steep, gabled-roof structure. An excellent example of nineteenth-century architecture in the Bonavista area. We restored it with a contemporary, rustic, authentic theme...

The Adam Mouland House was built in 1913 in Mockbeggar, the oldest district of Bonavista. The house is a two-and-a-half-storeyed, steep, gabled-roof structure. It is a fine example of nineteenth and early twentieth-century architecture in the Bonavista area.  The simple, yet decorative window and door trim reflect the builder’s expressive style and craftsmanship and local carpenters recreated the exact specification when restoring the windows. Historically, this property is important because it is representative of an era when the people of Bonavista relied heavily on the inshore fishery for survival. At the time when this house was constructed it was common for residents to have a number of fishery-related outbuildings on their property.

  • Property owned and managed by CapeRace Cultural Adventures
  • 8 minute walk to pubs and restaurants along the Old Days Boardwalk
  • 2 minute walk to oceanfront Bonavista Bicycle Cafe
  • Private yard
  • Contemporary decor in an artisan craftsman atmosphere
  • Three bedrooms, two bathrooms. 3 queen beds with 600 threadcoubnt sheets and premium matteresses 
  • Expansive kitchen with bar
  • Deck & BBQ
  • Laundry facilities

...A stylish yet traditional Newfoundland home with everything a guest should need. The location is ideal and the property itself is lovely. Would love to return!...

E.J. Sooley House, Heart’s Delight, Trinity Bay

In the spirit and decor of a genuine outport home, the E.J. Sooley House is a tribute to times gone by. "...The overarching feel is a warm, cheery port in a storm, a treasure awash in turquoise hues..."

  • Endless coastal exploring
  • True outport living in a 1930's fisherman's home
  • One hour and fifteen minutes from St. John's
  • Oceanfront location at Heart's Delight on Trinity Bay
  • BBQ and deck overlooking Trinity Bay
  • Three bedrooms + kitchen daybed
  • 2 queen + 2 twins
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Featured in Canadian Home & Country Magazine & Romantic Homes Magazine
  • Featured over five times in HOUZZ, the leading magazine for design enthusiasts and architects

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Heart's Delight is a small quiet outport centrally located on the Baccalieu Trail, one of the four eastern Newfoundland tourist driving routes.The house, located on the cliffs of Trinty Bay, is typical of 1930's outport architecture and decor.  Nearby are the towns of Heart's Desire and Heart's Content, not far from the town of Cupids. The location is great for short road trips throughout the small coastal villages around Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula. The house is restored to a vintage rustic-luxe finish, with great beds, premium linens and a great ocean views. Tourist Driving Routes: Baccalieu Trail, Cape Shore Trail, Irish Loop.

In the spirit and decor of a genuine outport home, the E.J. Sooley House is a tribute to times gone by. Handmade dressers and washstands, linoleum floor cloths and wooden floors, all original to the house, complement vintage appliances and heritage furnishings. As Canadian Home & Country Magazine so aptly described, "The overarching feel is a warm, cheery port in a storm, a treasure awash in turquoise hues."

"...Hiking trails are recommended. However, with a view from my backyard of the sun setting on Trinity Bay, I opt for relaxing. The quiet can take some getting used to in Heart’s Delight, though the E.J. Sooley House helps with the adjustment. It’s like stepping back to a simpler time. The one-story cottage has been restored so that it looks much like it did when it was built in the 1930s. The outport decor is traditional and functional, complete with a daybed by the oven, handmade dressers and washstands, and dangling light cords..."  Joel Yanofsky writes about his stay at the E.J. Sooley House in Heart's Delight.

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