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CapeRace CULINARY & Fogo Island Inn Canada Staycation - 7 Days

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  • A Gastro-Cultural Experience: 7 days of Culinary Intrigue. From the exquisite to the Anthony Bourdain -style edgy. St. John's to to Fogo Island Inn


      CAD USD
    SINGLE PERSON $7,594.00 CAD $5,771.44 USD
    KIDS UNDER 21 $700.00 CAD $532.00 USD
    Price Per Person$7,594.00 CAD$6,660.00 CAD$5,584.00 CAD$5,990.00 CAD$5,330.00 CAD
    $5,771.44 USD$5,061.60 USD$4,243.84 USD$4,552.40 USD$4,050.80 USD
    Price Per Person7,594.00 CAD6,660.00 CAD5,584.00 CAD5,990.00 CAD5,330.00 CAD


    CapeRace CULINARY & Fogo Island Inn Canada Staycation


    A Gastro-Cultural Experience: Seven days of culinary intrigue for the curious diner. We are using food as a conduit to crossing cultural barriers, allowing travellers to peer further into the rich Newfoundland cultural scene. We've partnered with Fogo Island Inn to create the ultimate culinary cultural travel experience.   (No markup on Fogo Island Inn rates)

    St. John's is a secret foodie capital, with unparalleled cuisine inspired by the New Nordic movement that Copenhagen and Stockholm embraced ten years ago. It's the closest city to Europe and has similar variations of the local flora that first inspired Scandinavian chefs to forage in their backyards. The same wealth of wild edibles has inspired local Newfoundland chefs to embrace their striking coastal landscape and rich heritage while adding their own contemporary twist, putting Newfoundland's culinary scene on the map. Ingredients evoke landscapes, recipes recall history and certain dishes can unlock the very essence of a place and its people". 

    Your foodie adventure will be steeped in local characters, spectacular wildlife and wide-ranging memorable dining experiences, from the exquisite to the Anthony Bourdain-style edgy. Multiple traveller pricing available. 

    "Here we are at the ass-end part of the universe, rural, middle of nowhere Newfoundland, eating one of the finest meals in the North America. Because let's face it. Newfoundland is incredible..."  Anthony Bourdain on his recent trip to Newfoundland with his CNN show Parts Unknown..." 

    "... His company, CapeRace Cultural Adventures - the only one of its kind in Canada- offers what a gag certificate cannot: Admission to the inner circles of outport communities up and down Newfoundland's eastern shore, and the chance to have an uncanned, unpredictable experience of place..."  James Glave, Globe & Mail

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