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CapeRace CULINARY & Fogo Island Inn Canada Staycation - 7 Days

Trip detail


Day 1-4  St. John's

On the first stop on your culinary adventure, you’ll have reservations at the city’s most exciting dining destinations: One is helmed by a Top Chef Canada fan favourite; the other was named Canada’s best new restaurant—and best restaurant, period—by the country’s leading food critics. We’ll guide you towards many other local gems too, so you can sample everything from fresh seafood to traditional baked goods to vegetarian dishes for the rest of your time in town.  St. John's is Newfoundland’s capital city—a place with a "San Francisco meets Dublin" vibe. You’ll spend three nights there, based at Hare's Ears Cottage, a light-filled restored heritage cottage overlooking the sea, in the Battery, one of the oldest—and most colourful—neighbourhoods in St. John's.  Hare's Ears is a short hike from Signal Hill National Historic Park, via the North Head Trail, which starts quite literally at your doorstep. For three to four days you spend here in North America’s oldest city, you can listen to live Celtic music, hike the extensive coastal trail system or simply head to the independent boutiques and crafters’ studios to find one-of-a-kind souvenirs. 


Day 4 -7  Fogo Island Inn, Fogo Island

Finally, on Fogo Island, you’ll feast on award-winning dishes—created with wild plants and berries, game and fresh-off-the-boat seafood—prepared by Chef Jonathan Gushue and his team at the Inn. You’ll also check out some other interesting places on the island, offering mouth-watering traditional fare. Arriving her—at the most north-eastern point of Canada’s most north-eastern province—feels like reaching the edge of the world. In fact, the Flat Earth Society believes Fogo Island is one of the corners of the flat Earth. For two nights, you’ll revel in the quiet luxuries of Fogo Island Inn, a property at the heart of a new Newfoundland cultural movement, bringing together: artists, designers, architects, geologists, academics, fishers, artisans, growers and chefs. You’ll have two to three days to discover this fishing outport, with a population of 2,400, that’s reinventing itself as an international geotourism destination.  You can visit the Irish community of Tilting, with its green-trimmed white clapboard houses, grass-roofed root cellars and salt-blistered fishing stages. 

Day 7 - Depart

Depart Fogo for either Gander or St. John's International airports.


All tours and activities taken outside of the CapeRace Cultural Adventures Inc. tour are undertaken at the risk and expense of the traveller. The tour is a cultural adventure that will take you to remote areas which may not offer all of the conveniences/services found at home. Personal insurance is mandatory—and not included. Be sure to ask lots of questions if you have critical needs or certain services that are generally available in urban centers. Not suitable for any type of Recreational Vehicle (RV) travel. See our Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy