"Never have I fallen so truly, madly and deeply in love with a land so hard and so fast..." Colleen Seto, honourary Newfoundlander & certified fun professional.

While you won't know this until you return from your trip, the best way to see Newfoundland is to wander.  The custom Traveller's Diary will help you. Poke in and out of shops, restaurants, unusual general stores and character-rich pubs. Walk out a stage at the end of a long wharf. Strike up a conversation with a skipper, or drop in for open mic night at O'Reily's pub.  Go to an outport Blueberry Festival and see the world's largest blueberry pie. Have a beach fire in the cove at Heart's Delight. Peer into one of the many twine lofts that are still standing after being closed for nearly twenty years.

Check out the massive ships that service the off-shore oil rigs, buy a quilt from Mrs. Coles in Elliston. Sit on a big rock. Have homemade ice cream from Moo Moos. See a Puffin. Walk on a gravel road. Pick up a lost 1860's coin on a trail. Learn to play an ugly stick, or buy up a Horner harmonica with playing instructions for nine bucks. Peer into an abandoned house. Feed the horses apples. Have a beer with Jack Wells at his twine store. Throw rocks into a 400 foot deep fijord and wait for the noise. Walk out on a wharf. Take random pictures. Listen to a story.

Just wander.  The best way to enjoy Newfoundland.  And you decide.


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Visitor statistics for those ENTERING the province indicate 90% of the visitors to Newfoundland come for the outdoors, the wildlife, and nature.

Visitor statistics for those EXITING the province indicate 90% of the visitor's best memory of their trip was of the people.  

Most people that visit Newfoundland are taking a cultural adventure. They just don't know it.