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Our Private Adventure Trips

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CapeRace Newfoundland Adventures - At the Forefront of Creativity

We are a boutique travel company specializing in private travel to Canada's most eastern island of Newfoundland.

We cater to those seeking a deeper authentic Newfoundland travel experience while staying in rustic-luxe, private accommodations. We rely on our creativity, legacy and quality to deliver unique, memorable travel experiences.  It's all about the curious traveller and daily unscripted local interactions.

Luxury travel has evolved from a "facility-based" definition, largely focused on accommodations, to a broader, all-encompassing "experience-based" definition.  We believe this "luxury travel" experience must include a myriad of small creative considerations- ones that are woven into a trip that makes one's visit interesting, meaningful and most important, memorable.      

Self-drive trips with a twist. You call all the shots. Be your own Memory-Maker 

CapeRace has pioneered a unique way to introduce you to the local community on your own terms. We guarantee unraveling stories and belly laughs. Fresh air and expansiveness. Great hikes & walks. Whales, birds and icebergs. East coast music and unique culinary adventures. We’ve waived the no-touch rules. Have a real-life local experience. Immerse yourself in nature & culture on a unique exploration adventure.

And nobody has to hold onto the rope. 

Eco-Culture Experience:
St. John's & Bonavista Staycation
7 Days
It's about Exploration. 7 days of Spontaneous Events & Unique Discoveries.
St. John's to Bonavista on...
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Eco-Culture Experience:
St. John's & Outports - Canada Staycation
10 Days
From Ancient City to Outport. 10 days-
St. John's to Bonavista via the remote Outport of Heart's Delight
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CapeRace CULINARY & Fogo Island Inn Canada Staycation7 Days A Gastro-Cultural Experience: 7 days of Culinary Intrigue. From the exquisite to the Anthony Bourdain -style edgy.
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Personalized Trips & Special EventsUnlimited Days We'll custom design your Newfoundland & Labrador Experience. . . .
St. John's-Bonavista-Fogo-Gros...
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CapeRace Culinary
St.John's- Canada Staycation
4 Days
NEW: Culinary Getaway to
St. John's. A compact extended weekend full of great food, local music and outdoor fresh-...
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CapeRace CULINARY & Fisher's Loft Inn - Canada Staycation8 Days A Gastro-Cultural Experience: 8 days of Culinary Intrigue.
St. John's to Port Rexton on the Discovery Trail...
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St. John's & Fogo Is. Inn
7 Days
Great food, great music, winter coastal hikes, storm watching, warm pubs, caribou tracking and skating on frozen ponds... Explore More!
CapeRace CFA: Gander Come From Away - Canada Staycation8 Days In a heartbeat, 38 planes with 6,579 passengers were stranded in a remote town in Newfoundland. The locals opened their... Explore More!

Travel beyond the postcard places into real-life Newfoundland


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Welcome to Newfoundland Private Travel

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Why Travel with Us?

YOU are curious, passionate, and are looking for unique and authentic experiences.

WE are on the forefront of travel creativity.

We are boutique. We offer premium travel packages that allow you to experience cultural and ecological discovery at your own pace, on your own terms and on your own time.  It's a distinctive travel experience; a way to satisfy curiosity and spontaneity through nature, culture and chance.  How are we different? Our company-owned, Private, "Rustic-luxe" Accommodations and the CapeRace written Guidebook "The Newfoundland Traveller's Diary" will help you initiate real-life connections with local communities in a self-guided travel format.  


"One of the world's most transformative travel experiences..."   NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, 2009


"One of the top 15 Eco-Adventures in Canada..."   EXPEDIA, 2016"


"One of the top 50 Signature Winter Experiences in Canada... Bucket-list Worthy..."   FLIGHT NETWORK, 2016

First, we've written our own bookstore-quality Newfoundland travel guide that will ensure spontaneity and time management work together to maximize your unscripted experiences. Discretionary time is needed to allow unplanned situations to influence your trip, which in turn, creates the sense of exploration and discovery. Connecting with the local community in Newfoundland produces memorable heart-felt experiences and they often occur off the standard tourist beat. We write our guidebook in a way that keeps you on track time-wise and at the same time changes the odds of chance meetings with locals. All done with a sense of the unknown and discovery and in unique locations not found in the general travel advice domain.

Second, we own each of the houses you will stay at. Outfitted to "rustic luxe", each coastal home has been meticulously restored to represent the character of the neighbourhood. Situated in real-life communities, you'll have the true Newfoundland experience most miss by staying in sterile regional hotels and other communal-type accommodations.

Third, we uniquely bring you face to face with real Newfoundlanders in a spontaneous way. Step into their culture, living room or place of work. We provide you with all the tools needed to initiate your own memory-creating relationships, allowing you to remain firmly in control of all day to day decisions.

The Eco-Culture Experience

Where to start? With a self-guided package you determine your specific day to day itinerary so it's hard to predict what will be a highlight for you--however-- provincial entry surveys indicate most people come to Newfoundland for the wildlife and seascapes and the exit surveys indicate their best memory was interaction with the local people. The seascapes are the backdrop, and the people are the attraction. Our customers tell us their highlights are self-created and we believe that’s the way traveling is supposed to be. Immersion in outport life offers the opportunity to slow down, go deep, and participate in something that is authentic, meaningful, and real.

Our Media Stories & Press





National Geographic called us

“One of the top 50 Tours of a Lifetime”!

While the Eco-Culture Experience trip is not a “tour”, the flexible self-driving, self-guiding circuit-trip gives you the opportunity to experience cultural and ecological discovery at your own pace, on your own terms, but with an inherent itinerary established by the duration of your stay at each coastal home. The award-winning Eco-Culture Experience™ is a great match for adventurous spirits and is the perfect way to a real-life Newfoundland visit. It's a distinctive travel experience, a way to satisfy curiosity and spontaneity through nature, culture and chance.

Our Awards & Accomplishments

In 2011 CapeRace was chosen to host Robert Reid, US Travel Editor for the the Lonely Planet as they
conducted their Explore Canada’s Cities tour. CapeRace has been featured in many publications
including The Wall St. Journal, The Globe And Mail, The UK Observer and Canadian Living Magazine.


  • Winner 2016  Top 15 Eco-Adventures in Canada, Expedia
  • Winner 2016  A Top 25 Signature Winter Experiences in Canada, Flight Network
  • Designated  2011 Signature Experiences Collection, Canadian Tourism Commission
  • Finalist 2010 National Geographic Geotourism Challenge, National Geographic & Ashook Changemakers
  • Winner 2009  Tour of a Lifetime, National Georgraphic Traveller
  • Finalist 2009  National Tourism Excellence Award, Innovator of the Year, Deloitte
  • Winner 2009  Innovator of the Year Award, Hospitality Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Founding Member  Eastern Newfoundland Destination Management Organization, Legendary Coasts
  • Founder   National Geographic Geotourism program for Eastern Newfoundland, National Geographic
  • Featured  A Cultural Adventure in Newfoundland, HOUZZ Design